Grogan Social Scene: “Whatever it is” – pure, raw music that comes from talented musicians and songwriting

About a year ago I heard Grogan Social Scene  for the first time and was knocked out by the passion, electricity and power of the performance on “Barefooted in the Barren Fields”. I was mesmerized. This previous is possibly more beautiful and inviting to the untrained ear, but I’m over the top with both the previous release and the new one, “Whatever it is”. The harmonies are absolute perfection.

The lyrics, timing and organic dynamics flow with cohesive intimacy. A grippingly personal, yet universal story makes you want to lean in and not miss a single breath. Like one’s own feelings put into words and then composed musically, arranged there like an emotional feast to be savored with each listening. Again Grogan Social Scene  flawlessly executes and performs this song.

Thomas Grogan
Thomas Grogan

I cannot recommend this music strongly enough. It so far removed from the music we are almost forced to endure daily. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled onto a musical goldmine of creative expression that is both immediate and intimate and achingly rich in the pain and joy of what it is to be human. Truly, what Grogan Social Scene  offer up to us is achingly rich, beautiful, fresh and personal, it must be experienced. There is usually a deep inward turn of the heart when listening to Thomas Grogan’s performances. And this same gravity is found throughout “Whatever it is”.

A fresh syncopated vocal melody carries the same familiar flavor of Grogan’s previous releases, and the same emotional lead vocals and delicate harmonies are just as present here. Grogan Social Scene  plays pure, raw music that comes from talented musicians and songwriting in a world where mainstream music is all over-produced. The gorgeous “Whatever it is”, is another defining moment for Thomas Grogan and deserves to have a tiny little space of its own in a quiet corner of your soul somewhere. It will get into you. Don’t miss this. It will not disappoint.

MORE ABOUT: Thomas Grogan lost his career, his girlfriend and his direction in a matter of months.  Unsure of what to do next, Grogan hit the road wandering coast-to-coast, chasing jobs and dreams, before finally settling in Washington, DC. Ultimately, Grogan gained hard-won wisdom from his solitary travels, which he then channeled into his long-standing music project, Grogan Social SceneConceptual Arrangements (2015) is Grogan Social Scene’s second full-length release of Americana-infused, indie-rock songs.

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