World of Caellus, an international record label that specializes in digital, Trance, Electronic, and Bass music artist development, production and outing, this week proudly announced they will be releasing a full album and story chapter this July 11th, 2016. To be called Genesis, the album aims to fuse otherworldly elements, thought provoking Trance and Progressive House music, and fantasy illustrations for a full mind, body, and spirit journey through the world of Caellus.

“Genesis aims to take our current world of electronic dance music, and provide a tangible story alongside it for a full thought-provoking and unforgettable experience,” said Paulo Munoz, Founder and Producer at World of Caellus. “The story is a fictitious version of our current world and universe. It will challenge all beliefs, from monotheistic religion to atheistic mindsets.”

Genesis is classified as a Trance music album. It will contain 15 instrumental songs, one of them being a Downtempo track, and another being a Big Room / Progressive House track. The majority of the journey, however, takes place in a smooth, spine-chilling progression of Trance tracks from start to finish.

The record label, World of Caellus, was borne from a passion for pursuing the dark, fantasy elements to science fiction that coincide with the world as we know it. The story chapter that will simultaneously be released alongside the album is a monthly e-magazine with monthly-published chapters.

Genesis-350In July, the Genesis chapter, fittingly the first one, will be published to expand upon elements and themes experienced when listening to the album. Each released chapter will not be synchronized with music albums however, but every music album will be, along with supernatural illustrations.

“We’re aiming to provide a total-art experience with the initial release of Genesis and the accompanying story chapter and illustrations,” said Paulo. “Why stop at just sound? We’re incorporating sight into the artistic absorption process. Now, when people listen to Genesis, they can look to an expertly crafted story with illustrations to better clarify what they’re experiencing during the album.”

Each chapter’s illustrations will also be available as printed art and merchandise as well.

To have access to the first five original Genesis illustrations, readers will have to subscribe to an e-magazine; though, subscription is completely free. The magazine will feature news, developments, facts, information, and illustrations for viewers and listeners to wrap their brains around. Additionally, the magazine will also function as a traditional music magazine, and list other album reviews, industry developments, and recommendations.

“We want our listeners to be exposed to the entire world of thought-provoking music, not just ours,” said Paulo. “There are many other visionary producers out there trying to capture the essence of sound and sight like we are. Our e-magazine will provide readers with access to free digital downloads, album recommendations and reviews, and insight into upcoming features.”

World of Caellus is a fictitious story that draws upon very real and experienced elements. It challenges today’s monotheistic beliefs, and causes listeners to debate and theorize Abrahamic religions. Throughout the album experience, listeners will be wondering: are angels really angels? And are Gods really Gods? Are humans really humans? And are we actually free?

The story’s creation is designed to take listener’s minds to places they’ve never dared venture before. It challenges participants to think outside the box, more specifically, to think outside the universe. World of Caellus brings to the table a different hypothesis of how the universe was created and who God really could be. It delves into the debate of good versus evil and takes the listener through heavy battles, twists, and turns by the end of the journey.

“Genesis will set up the meaning of humanity’s true existence in the story,” said Paulo. “What is a soul? Where does it come from? And who really created us? Everyone has thought these questions once or twice in their lives, and they’re important questions to ponder. Come experience a full-body adventure, consumed by intergalactic, humanity-based questions and theories, all woven together in one Trance-filled and soothing electronic journey. Spread the word on the availability of Genesis today, and come experience it for yourself this July 11.”

Genesis is poised to be a controversial topic and experience, set to challenge many beliefs in all religions.

Updates for album and story chapter releases can be tracked on the record label’s website and various social media pages.

The entire album was written, recorded, and produced by one singular artist: Caellus & Camulus (Paulo).

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