Decide: “Struggle Inside” – a showcase of genuinety, vulnerability, and diversity

A fan of battle rap and braggadocio in his core, Decide strives to connect with his listeners on a deeper level by opening up and sharing personal stories painted with the emotional responses to lost love, relationships, racism, family issues and dealing with the fact that he is somewhat misplaced in his choice of genre.

Fifteen years of rapping has acted as therapy for Decide. In layman’s terms what “Struggle Inside” the new EP by Decide truly is, is a showcase of all genuinety, vulnerability, and diversity. Almost every track offers a fully immersive experience that manages to implement a myriad of influences that will tickle many fans of multiple genres.

decide-profileEach track could warrant revisiting based solely on the fact that Decide is able to seamlessly take the listener on a journey of emotions. However, the impressive cohesion of sounds is not the only reason a re-listening is in order. Across the board, Decide’s delivery of sharp-tongued lyrics, haunting hooks and general ear-worminess, is at an all-time high here, perhaps due in part to embracing the fact of marching to the beat of his own drummer.

Decide has evolved his rap techniques and songwriting and in turn has created a set of 5 true life-portraits through an eclectic selection of sounds and words. The EP is wholly original and honestly brave.

Decide’s flow sits somewhere between Eminem meets Twista and everything he does is governed by its own internal logic. On “Rap Shit” he blitzes through the beats with the same stunning technicality that‘s all over the EP.

The best moments here, is on “Moment Of Silence Ft. Emilia Tollbom Lindh”, in which he delivers characteristically mouth-foaming verses, over a deep bass-guitar-driven rhythm. As well as on “Illusion Of Choice”, layered with beautifully orchestrated a strings and a catchy hook, while the best I left for last with “The Powerless”, driven by an electrifying bottom-end beat.

Decide has a unique and amazing flow and the dude can just rap there is no question about it, but the winning factor is that he spits from the heart which is something that for the most part is missing in hip-hop music nowadays, especially that of the mainstream genre.

Decide does not compromise his individuality and is not deliberately trying to sound like anyone else either. He is an incredibly magnetic performer, flipping internal rhymes and double time flows. Decide never waivers in his flows and seems to mesh with whatever style of beat the track requires him to. And if it can only get better from here, one wonders what the next project will be like!


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