Red Sky 360: “Last For Awhile” has a sharp focus!

Baby Boy Realino was born in Manila, Philippines. Adopted in a Caucasian family he became Matthew Hassard, now artistically known as Red Sky 360. “Last For Awhile” is a collection of 10 songs from Orlando artist Red Sky 360. Created over a 4 month period during 2016, this release is all self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered, featuring appearances from ET, Yung Trappa, MixtapeMac, Cathy and Tashi.

The album playlist
The album playlist

Stepping away from the distractions that have plagued the mainstream industry in recent years, Red Sky 360 delivers uncut rawness that makes him stand out. Lyrically, he has a sharp focus, telling his stories with detail and meaning. Sonically, the album sways from classic old-school hip-hop beats to new-soul gangsta grooves.

He is a master collaborator, and on this album he excels on that with the list of features. Red Sky’s voice comes off as a rough and rugged domineer, which he can switch up or down at will. Moreover, the beats are great and the bass lines will knock well in any sound system with good speakers and a decent amp.

Red Sky 360 is not like any other rapper out today. He has such a respect and understanding of hip hop and you can tell that from his style. He’s not rapping about just money, glitz and glamour. He’s telling us his stories. “Last For Awhile” is one of the best albums put out this year hands down.

The album has everything a great album is supposed to have. From the street to the club to grinding joints, it has something for everyone. It is very enjoyable and can be listened to over and over again. From the opening track, “Gone”, to the album closer, “The Cook Up”, it is compelling all the way through.

Red Sky 360
Red Sky 360

What I was more surprised at more than anything was the strength of the songs where it’s just Red Sky 360 going in verse after verse. The highlight of these verses’ is his smooth flow and hooks. On a couple of tracks he takes the spoken word/rapping/singing approach. It shows he isn’t afraid to take creative risks. It is not something that’s hard to pull off, but most rappers these days contract a feature artist to take care of the other parts, for almost every song on their album.

“Last For Awhile” more than proves to fans and haters alike that Red Sky 360   is hungry. He wants to be at the top of the Mount along with the other heavy weights in the game. If he continues to produce songs like “To You”, “Down In My City” Feat. Yung Trappa & MIxtapeMac, “Dues Paid”, “From Me” Ft. Cathy & Tashi and “The Cook Up”, he just might accomplish such a feat.

This album is packed with bangers from start to finish – some scary, some inspiring, some offbeat. It’s everything you’ll look for in a rap album. If Red Sky keeps doing his thing he will continue to climb to the top and stay on the top. This is a fickle business which often follows Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest. Let’s hope Red Sky 360 survives. But then, coming to think of it, surviving is something he has been doing since being a baby in Manila!


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