Magazine RichWell launches her new Album and Funding Campaign!

For the world’s most to be proven enigmatic rapper, singer/songwriter and rising star Magazine RichWell, getting to display the variety of her artistic skill with creative license from the beginning was a ‘dream come true’. Not only for herself, but the multitude of individuals that have embraced her in some of her most intimate and vulnerable settings. “It’s like tight rope walking”, describes the 5 foot 7 charismatic model of fashion and everything strange. “Not even I myself can ever tell what or who I am going reflect when sharing thereby my name Magazine RichWell stands for something so much more than glamour, it truly is change by the cover”.

Magazine-RichWell-250Magazine’s career began in the United States where she pro-claimed her re-birth in Atlanta Georgia after a being a victim of a serious Domestic Violence relationship. Every song that Magazine has written and recorded has a different tone to it making all of them eligible to fit into more than one genre.

“The people will tell me where I fit”. Although there is no known prototype to fit her style and demeanor of music she could readily blend performances with Lady Gaga, Bjork, Anne Difranco, Tina Turner, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, 2 Pac (hologram), and her all known idol Andre Benjamin 3000. Magazine RichWell is also the executive of RichWell Magazine Publishing Co.

A J: At what age you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?
Magazine RichWell: I was an adult when I really started being serious about entertainment I felt that it would be an avenue to unlock & free me.

A J: What type of music or people inspired you to be an artist?
Magazine RichWell: The type of music is R&B Hip Hop & Folk music. I was inspired by r&b & hip hop because I grew up listening to it in black culture folk music when I became an adult.

A J: What do you think is the most challenging thing being an artist?
Magazine RichWell: There are no real challenges many types of art can be performed by any person. There’s so much technology out here that enhances chances of being successful.

Magazine-RichWell-250dA J: Where do you get inspiration from while writing your tracks?
Magazine RichWell: Mainly life experiences or something that I’ve seen I’ve always been good with words or communication being able to openly & freely speak about subjects.

A J: Do you think the music these days has lost its original purpose? Do you think artists don’t focus on lyrics that are meaningful for society?
Magazine RichWell: There are certain types of music where those issues appear but there is music that appeals to every type of person. If a person is conscious then quite naturally they will gravitate towards conscious music.

A J: Do you prefer performing live or recording for an album?
Magazine RichWell: I’m a studio & internet artist I do some live performances but I prefer video. I have some vids online make sure you look at them.

A J: Do you think it’s important for artists to have contacts? Or is self-promotion enough through YouTube?
Magazine RichWell: Relationships in business ensures growth those relationships are enhanced by the internet like with me I have company deals and internet.

Magazine-RichWell-250cA J: What do you think is the one positive thing that you as an artist have in your career that no one else has?
Magazine RichWell: I can speak of myself what I do that no other artist does is incorporate business tactics from other industries into this industry.

A J: Does it get difficult when you can’t find anything to write about?

Magazine RichWell: There’s always something to write about I rewrite to my main general topics which is prosperity self-esteem good experiences making love & imagination.

A J: One memory you have associated with music that you can never forget?
Magazine RichWell: Vid recordings are always memorable and they are my favorite. Sometimes they’re funny and intense.

A J: If you have to pick one weakness as an artist what will that be?
Magazine RichWell: I don’t have any; my artistic career is designed around all of my strengths.

A J: What is one thing you hope to change as an artist in this field?
Magazine RichWell: I would create more terrestrial radio stations so that artists can more easily be listened to on standard radio.

Interview conducted by Areej Javed.



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