Endsightt: “Ghost Of John” – self-awareness and confidence

After the release of his “The Music Demo” album, Endsightt is back with a brand new single entitled “Ghost Of John”, or what he calls “the story of great Johns in history.” This time Endsightt is back to attempt to solidify his place in the spotlight. But pay attention, he will achieve this status focusing on staying true to his own personal craft and not by trying to please others.

On “Ghost Of John” there’s that same sense of self-awareness and confidence that was present on his previous releases. Highlighting his unique crossover style and his artistry anchored in a funky rock soundscape here.

Endsightt-Ghost-250After establishing himself as a fast-tongued, unfiltered contender in hip-hop with “The Music Demo”, Endsightt has not lost his momentum, continuing his forward onslaught in the underground hip-hop scene.

However, more than ever before, “Ghost Of John” puts forth his distinct style and offers a better understanding of who, exactly, Endsightt is. He continues to bring more consciousness to his rap verses, but he seems more focused than ever on the storyline here, as he unfolds a quaint narrative that moves between the substantial and the metaphysical.

With “Ghost Of John”, Endsightt took his time crafting something close to his heart. It’s evident that he’s learned from past experiences and opted for a specific route this go around. He’s fully aware of who exactly he wants to be in hip-hop: a proud, raw, unapologetic emcee, something the game’s been missing.

He really will touch the audience with this project, reaching where hip-hop rarely reaches. After digesting his previous album in its entirety, and now savoring this single, it is clear in my mind that Endsightt might just be that bridge between genres and styles.

It is amazing to see how far Endsightt has evolved as an artist. His lyricism and ability to mix hip hop with whatever beat he chooses is something rare. This music forms part of his roots and he’s evolved them to where he is now, and to where he will be going next. He keeps his momentum going because he never just goes through the motions when making music…but he actually covers ground!

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