Metaloyd: “Take It Back Uncle Sam” – a strong statement set to music!

Sergii Pylypenko is a Ukrainian-Canadian composer, singer, songwriter, lyricist, producer and guitarist – both acoustic and electric – for the single-man project Metaloyd. Influenced by wide range of music from pop to black metal, he writes pop-rock, alternative rock, orchestral rock, soundtracks, pop, lounge and electronic music. “I can’t tell exactly why I always preferred heavy music to dance music,” explains Sergii “but the main thing that effected my perception was overall state of life in my country after USSR had fallen apart. Many people were struggling – no jobs, no money, no reason to be happy. All those negative things in some way made the mood of my art. Basically that is why I mostly create music in rock, instrumental rock genres with “doomy” emotional feel.”

Metaloyd has released a digital album entitled “Lifemarks”, as well as his latest single – “Take It Back Uncle Sam”. In a time when most bands have stopped trying, Metaloyd continues to challenge himself. Simply put, no band has the bombastic musical audacity to record a 10 minute single, socio-politically themed liked an album…at least no band signed with a major record company comes to my mind.

The single cover artwork
The single cover artwork

Metaloyd strikes an incredible balance of power, technique, emotion and melody on this song, which is made up for the most part of an instrumental arrangement, with about a 2-minute vocal section coming in towards the end.

“Take It Back Uncle Sam” could be easily described as a typical Pink Floyd-ish arrangement – moody and slow-building with immense intensity boiling under the ever-evolving soundscape.  What is even more amazing is how Metaloyd does this while not descending into shameless showmanship at the expense of the composition.

I can appreciate someone who is good at their craft like anyone, but so many progressive rock and alternative rock acts compromise composition for complexity, that it is extremely satisfying to hear the few artists who can really put both together.

That is not easy folks, but Metaloyd succeeds at allowing us to enjoy his exceptional compositional skills while delivering an easily accessible song. You won’t even realize 10 minutes has gone by, once the track has come to its end.

“Take It Back Uncle Sam” is a strong political statement, set to incredible music, deriving from all the great dynasties of rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and brought into the current day by Metaloyd.

A part from the obvious technical and performance qualities, the thing that sets this music off from other rock groups, is Metaloyd’s ability to inject ample atmospheric quality into his music, something fully capitalized on this single.


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