Gino Skarz: “Blind Love Featuring Twyanna Holloway”

Stratagetik Recordz is an independent Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B record label owned and operated under J.Jarvis also known as Gino Skarz and Co-Owner Adriana Jarvis, who is also the label representative. No doubt the man named Gino Skarz has a way with words. His mic presence is undeniable as he raps with thick growl and menacing lyrics on the track “Blind Love Featuring Twyanna Holloway”.

The beat to this song is just right; not overly flashy but not mundane and sleep inducing. Scarz talks that realness, so there is no question to his authenticity. He paints vivid pictures of what’s on his mind with ease and makes you feel what he’s saying. Scarz is something to behold in the world of hip hop as he lets loose a track that is spine tingling and thick with tension at the same time.

gino-skarz-logoHe definitely gets down on “Blind Love Featuring Twyanna Holloway” where he claims of having a passionate heart and a purpose in his grind. There is nothing soft on this track as much as there aren’t any gimmicks. Just raw street lyrics dished up in a fiery flow and a determined will.

They say you should never read another person’s diary because you just might find something you won’t like. A fact that is clearly true, as Scarz deals out some personal truths that read much like a diary and pulls no punches.

The track is just perfect from beginning to the end. It feels like a movie, and a thrilling one at that. Scarz has got an uncanny ability to vividly take you inside his dark world. This has got to be one of the more powerful and deep hip hop tracks I’ve ever heard in while.

The song is chilling and very introspective. If you’re new to Scarz, then you have come to the right place. Get this single and checkout the others at the website, and see what you have been missing out on. This man is about quality.

He delivers raw philosophy always having a definite purpose for every one of his emotional verses while his production is excellent, providing a suitable background for his lyrical imagery.


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