Mac Jeff: “Ain’t No Team” ft. L-Love – the ingredients for a true classic!

Northern California emcee Mac Jeff is back with a brand new single “Ain’t No Team” which features Bay Area rap legend L-Love. The track is a combination of raw lyricism and the art of storytelling. When you combine these with beat selection that is second to none, you have the ingredients for a true hip-hop classic.

Mac Jeff is probably the hottest independent rapper at this point that you have never heard of, in terms of his lyrical ability, dedication to quality, and painstaking attention to detail.

“Ain’t No Team” is a banging track that has a powerful hook that chants “Ain’t No Team, Got The Whole Game On My Shoulders”… a statement which shows Mac Jeff’s demand for control of the direction and pathway his music will travel.

mac-jeff-350It sounds as if you are listening to the glory days of hip hop when rappers could do no wrong. At a time when most of his peers have faded a little on their acts, Mac Jeff comes forth and tells us all what’s up in the game.

The whole rap genre has been zombified by the mainstream disease that it seems so many either lost or haven’t grown up with a real appreciation for hip hop. I think Mac Jeff knew this going in with the focus of bringing the listener back to the essence of hip hop. That’s what makes “Ain’t No Team” so damn beautiful.

He shines all over this track with his inspirational words and an old school styled flow that can’t be touched. The rhymes are just hypnotizing and there’s nothing the listener to can do about it, except feel the vibe.

This track is not just good because 99.9% of new rap sucks, but because Mac Jeff comes into his own with a killer lyrical flow. He starts out with a nice, steady verse, but he kicks it into a high gear halfway through the song, and you can really feel the intensity and lyrical assassination that Mac Jeff is putting on us.

This is what you have been looking for in a post-golden rap era, tight production throughout, with a connection between the song, the listener and an emcee who has not sold out to the modern-day, over-hyped, empty on the inside rap game. “Ain’t No Team” is for any hip hop fan that wants to experience true emceeing in its purest form. This one lacks no ingredients.


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