Mikee Wade: “Beautiful Memories” speaks to the soul!

Other people have probably already said this, but this “Beautiful Memories” speaks to the soul. You’ll feel like Mikee Wade has been following you around or something, his lyrics and music are so hauntingly beautiful. The whole thing has a great unifying vibe anchored by Wade’s airy and soulful vocals.

For me to really be blown away I have to be taken into some sort of new territory. I like my lyrics bold, vivid, unconventional, and moving; I like an overall sound that reflects a mixture of influences, not just some sort of formulaic stuff that anybody of a given genre could’ve cranked out.

Mikee Wade
Mikee Wade

Though this may seem a simple EDM track driven by the usual electronics and ethereal vocal over the top, Mikee Wade has managed to inject some authentic originality into the soundscape and his performance. And he does it in an almost underwhelming way.

Wade has the kind of voice that tears into the passion and the pain of loving, and caresses the fragile sweetness woven through it all with pensive tenderness. The songwriting is similar; you won’t soon find something this melancholic and yet this uplifting.

Mikee Wade exceeded my expectations with “Beautiful Memories”. His storytelling ability has an endearing quality that prevents his musings about the subject matter from ever sounding forced.

He has truly embraced his take on the EDM/Pop scene, and his knack for transforming it into something interesting and accessible is evident. Finding a place in the crossover between commercial radio and EDM quality is a difficult endeavor, if you desire credibility in both. Yet Mikee Wade succeeds at this.

I think “Beautiful Memories” works as a crossover single due to its simplicity: the track is reduced to its core components of melody, vocals and lyrics. Any addition to this, the electronic sounscape, is a carefully considered supplement to this balance. This makes for a comfortable listen. Essentially, this is a track everyone in the family could agree to listen to on a long car drive. No mean feat indeed!


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