Icielani: “Hands up High” – Airing-out her flairs!

After releasing the successful singles “No More Tears”, which was followed up by “Dreams are Reality”, former swimsuit model and Canadian recording artist Icielani, is back promoting here latest single, entitled “Hands up High” which was official launched in September, and ready to be shipped with her brand new album, “The Remixes”.


In a music industry full of cookie-cutter personalities, Icielani’s off center point of view is admirable, and throughout “Hands up High”, they’re presented better than ever before.

A sleek balance is found between the chart fodder expected from a rising pop princess and her own enigmatic, musical interests.

Putting her sound on cruise control, Icielani latest single is an upbeat but relaxed, perfect listen, in the club, in bed and in the backseat, especially when shared with someone.

Icielani has always managed to confidently communicate her tracks’ more challenging ideas, as well as the ones that could see her hitting the club with her girlfriends.

“Hands up High” goes one step further and combines the two flavors to become one of her best releases so far. Icielani demonstrates a superb aptitude for today’s market of electronic and ambient dance music.

Luckily for us, she also understands her capabilities, and puts them on display in the early, holiday season gift, “Hands up High”.

Airing-out her flairs on an up-tempo excursion, Icielani flexes using a highly percussive sound which presents a young woman unabashedly confident in her sound and sensuality.

The tune successfully incorporates recognizable Spanish guitar and Latin touches into its gradual, voluminous instrumental. Appealing seductively to a romantic interest, Icielani doesn’t over-perform the song’s sultriness.

The tune’s defining, airy atmosphere is its main feature. Everything heard inside that atmosphere seems to expand outwards from it, and straight towards the dancefloor.

Anyone with the collected poise of Icielani has no trouble making her place known in the world of music. Assured that her material and her disposition puts her in a place amongst the cosmos that is completely her own.

She’s not the next Beyoncé, she’s not the next Janet. She’s Icielani, and she knows that’s enough!

MORE ABOUT ICIELANI: Icielani is a multi-talented performance recording artist from Canada. Icielani’s focusing on her music right now.  However, she has done modeling with her 5 year swimsuit model contract.  From a young age, Icielani has loved performing – specifically singing.

Between singing in the living room with her siblings and singing in her church’s choir since she was seven years old, music has always had a special place in Icielani’s heart. It has been a good while since Icielani’s seven year escapades, she’s still in love with music.  She now sing’s three genres: dance, R&B and urban pop.


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