Dobie: “My Everything” (Produced by Brad Grobler for BIG Productions)

In his musical expression, music producer Dobie says that melody is very important to him and should carry the emotion, as is the selection of sounds to support that emotion. On asked why he chose the moniker Dobie, he explained that he is a lover and proud owner of the Dobermann dog. He continues, saying that his music can be likened to the qualities of the Dobermann – friendly, careful, loyal, driving, intelligent, and fearless! Dobie recently released the EP, “My Everything” (Produced by Brad Grobler for BIG Productions) via the Dobie Records Label. The EP – basically consists of three versions of the track – the original version plus the extended mix and the Trinity version.

Enjoying music is the most basic aspect of human nature. You either like a particular grouping of notes or you don’t. It’s that simple. Lately I’ve discovered that such a simple task is left behind when you become involved in the intricacies and multi-layered sounds of progressive house.

While progressive is a beautiful and thought provoking concept, I yearn for the unabridged innocence that once captured trance as a sound. The politics of dance have a lot to answer for and sometimes leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Now “My Everything” isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, no track really is, but it’s more brilliant than it is imperfect. It is certainly far better than what I had expected and certainly far more interesting than anything I could have hoped for.

Above all, it made me pay attention. As such, I found myself intrigued with almost every version of the track that I heard. The best of the lot – “My Everything (Trinity version)” – swept me away and made me forget where I was.

Yes, these tracks fall under the trance genre but they are produced in such a way that elevates them to a superior quality of trance that we once knew. You only have to listen to the wonderfully melodic keys and the tougher sounding emotive beats to feel those characteristics.

The three song versions of “My Everything” can take you up to the highest peaks, as well as guide you through some shadowy depths that can sometimes be found in trance but without ever heading into harder territory. This is trance produced in a style.

Overall, “My Everything” (Produced by Brad Grobler for BIG Productions), was a wonderfully satisfying listen that made me realize how much I actually miss quality trance. I was reminded of the not too distant days when music was a simple longing, when there were no complexities and music was the priority.

There were no egos and no attitudes. The unadulterated pleasure of enjoying music in an effort to experience new sounds is an art that has been lost for some time now. Dobie seems to still have it though!


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