Subtle Kind of Murder: “Hang On” – something to turn up and jam to!

I hate music critics. For the most part, I don’t think judging someone else’s art makes much sense, and for a lot of reasons. But that’s what I do for a living. For example, if I told you the single “Hang On” by the band Subtle Kind of Murder is brilliant, sounds amazing, and is easily one of my favorite singles of 2016, what would that mean to you? You can listen to it and decide for yourself – you don’t need me to tell you that. Beyond that, reviewers get stupid and arrogant and sometimes just silly. And, like I said, what the hell do they know about what the artist intended anyway?

So I’m not here to tell you what Subtle Kind of Murder intended, rather, I’m here to tell you what I experienced. Subtle Kind of Murder is an Indie, alternative, blues based rock band out of Los Angeles, California, and the result of a collaboration effort between lead guitarist Robo Hryn and lead vocalist Damian Sage.

Firstly, this single is a grower in that it gets better on each listen. The sound goes from super mellow grooves to raucous riffs able to rip you wide open. You really don’t know how raw a guitar can be until you hear Subtle Kind of Murder in full roar.

And Robo Hryn will often catch you off guard with slowdowns that make you want to burst, triple chords that make you want to groove, as well as wailing shafts of sound that shatter your bones. His sound is so visceral it can draw individual nerve fibers right out of your brain.

On top of all of that, Damian Sage layers the best of his vocal skills, to stir in rock, blues and alternative flavors that kick the song straight into overdrive. Whether it’s melodic, harmonic or sheer power you’re after, Sage delivers big-time.

To have a track be rhythmically pumping and catchy is one thing, but to also have exceptional vocals and harmonies most bands would kill for is another. This is down home dirty alternative blues rock at its best: kick-ass, guitar-driven music played and sung with passion.

What’s not to love about a band that has such great wordplay, raw beats, superb vocals and a total rock n’ roll attitude. If you need something to turn up and jam out or groove to as you take a drive, run, or do whatever makes you happy try this out to get your adrenaline pumping. Screw genres, this is a must own for music lovers!


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