Silent Killa: “The Space” – the perfect balance of elements

Due to loving Silent Killa’s single, “Low Vibration”, which I heard about a month or two back, I was a bit hesitant to dive into this new one for fear of it tarnishing my excellent experience with that music. So I approached the track, “The Space”, with all due hesitance possible. Well, I needn’t have, as the artist that makes up one half of Killa Aliens Productions, continues on his atmospherically haunting musical journey with another spine-tingling performance and arrangement, as he ethereally sings: “If I knew then, what I know now. I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

Silent Killa has the perfect balance of elements for accessibility. This track is well produced, refined, and consists of a great melody and dreamy vocal hooks that gently pull you into the song. It’s not overtly “look at my editing chops” or too heavy on effects and noise, as much as today’s electronica can be.

Silent Killa’s formula is consistent throughout, as he deals out just enough of all the elements – music, reverb effects, overdriven synth grit and harmonies – to capture your ears, without pummeling them.

The result is yet another epic journey alongside the piano, strings and insistent ‘heartbeat’ percussion. Silent Killa brings something new to the table that many of his predecessors or contemporaries often lack, absolute atmospheric intensity at every turn.

This track takes you high, low and soaring through the clouds. At every turn, there is a new and intriguing sound to propel you into sonic nirvana. Silent Killa is amazing with his arrangements, regarding both the instrumental and vocal sections.

It’s not often you hear electronic music with so much emphasis placed on melody and harmony. The music is absolutely hypnotic and celestial; you will find yourself moved by the rich layers and textures which have been blended into this track.

To top it all off, the top notch lyrics will have you hooked. “The Space” is one of those rare electronic tracks where the lyrics and music are really poetic in a sense. If you’re looking for something smooth, and engaging, then this is the track you need to own.

Really you should just get it regardless. You could even go one step further and check the latest EP “Ordinary Ritual” and a new Project titled “Space Hop” which is coming soon. Listen to “Ordinary Ritual” by SilentKilla #np on #SoundCloud.


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