Surauchie: “Forget” – R&B ear candy with a purpose!

Toronto native Surauchie and her label Forwxrd Music releases her first single, “Forget” produced by prodbyangel. This debut offering from Surauchie is inventive, cool, and stylized just so. Here she displays an artistry that sets her apart from all the other female singers currently charting.

And I’m guessing the likely reason for this is that this talented singer-songwriter has remained true to herself and her art by ignoring the trappings of competing with the pack. “Forget” manages to be soulful, reflective, and forward looking all at the same time – a very solid effort indeed.


I have said time and again people pay too much lip service to our overplayed pop divas who more often than not, churn out junk releases to fulfill contract obligations. Surauchie on the other hand makes a real record that means something, that’s what.

She pulls from classic sounds and modernist hip hooks, and this fusing of retro and modern makes her music sound cerebral and heartfelt. “Forget” is gorgeous and haunting – R&B ear candy with a purpose. Surauchie’s sweet voice paired with the lush melody is enough to keep you interested from beginning to end.

I can appreciate the thought, depth and realness that was put into this project, as Surauchie delivers the song with sultry and suave tones. She never has the need to raise her voice to get temperatures rising. It’s all built into her sensual aura.

“Forget” drew me in with its sweet and chill melody, and by the time I was half way in, I found myself unconsciously bobbing my head to the production. Honestly, I did not expect this track to be as amazingly hypnotizing as it is.

Surauchie’s “Forget” is proof that the artistry and beautiful poetic expression through music does still exist. The music is great and the lyrics are heartfelt executed by an artist that comes across as sweet and humble, and blessed with talent. The whole project is well thought out and organized, and it flows like a stream of cool, clear water to quench your thirst for the real deal.



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