TR!C: “Never Break Up” – locked into a groove!

TR!C is a hip-hop artist and producer originally from Cologne, Germany, raised in South Florida. His sound is described as Afro-Caribbean sadboi music. Greatness is often measured by how consistently it is delivered, so until he releases some more of the same, we have TR!C’s latest single “Never Break Up” to enjoy and chillout to. Here he sinks into a groove and delivers a hurl of heartfelt lyrics, and doesn’t fall into the common trap of sacrificing a measure of passion for speed, and it suits his story of anesthetized love and late nights delivered in a smooth, laidback sing-song voice.

With TR!C locked into a groove, what really makes “Never Break Up” stick out from the gang of recent hip hop releases is its production, which pulls largely from an electronic ambient soundscape overflowing with bubbling synths and incessant percussion.

“Never Break Up” is the mark of an artist who has hit a comfortable stride in his songwriting and can count on backup from a great sculptor of music…himself, making his hotness burn hotter.

There can be no better combination than the artist also being the producer.  This allows the song to get to its core in the shortest most effective time possible – one heart, one mind, one hand. From the music to the lyrics and the flow, this musical creation never has to change hands. And this supplies TR!C with a major advantage in respect to his contemporaries.

With his deliberately sung melodies, his stylistic kink of locking into repetitious rap patterns before dropping them unexpectedly, his mastery of segueing between a crescendo-bellow and an affecting whisper, TR!C excels at sounding engaged musically.

But what’s encouraging about “Never Break Up” is that it seems TR!C is genuinely committed to his lyrics; it’s a disciplined performance. But even more than just being disciplined, it’s mesmeric. When he raps it’s in even pulse-beating bursts; when he sings, his vowels stretch and melt like midnight dreams.

Regardless of whether you place serious significance into TR!C’s artistic ascendance, his flow and positive lyrics convincingly inculcates its recurrent messaging to the point that it becomes truth in the minds of music fans. TR!C is currently working on his sophomore mixtape titled “LOVE IS TR!CCCY” set to release in early March.

(Header Photo Credit: Shay Gatsby Photography)


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