The Sergey: ‘Lost Without Your Love’ – a fantastic vocal flamboyancy!

The Sergey is an independent singer who has released his second studio effort, a single entitled ‘Lost Without Your Love’. The track is a follow-up to his cover of the classic Madonna track ‘La Isla Bonita,’ which garnished The Sergey a fair amount of social media success. Despite his love for covering music, the performer has set his sights clearly set on building an original catalog. LostWithout My Love, the first in a series of single releases, was crafted with the help of friends, and completely showcases their original songwriting and composition skills.

Infused with the kind of vibrancy and color more often reserved for a dream sequence, The Sergey spills into the mainstream pop scene with this track. He arrives with a propensity for the flamboyant and the theatrical in his vocals. Pop is often categorized as either bubblegum or mature, as if the two are mutually exclusive. The Sergey brings the two together and that doesn’t make his music any less smart, thoughtful or worthy.

His lyrics are as bright as his melodies — never too intimate or revealing. Sonically, the song is decidedly upbeat, with a soaring melody and blissful arpeggio harmonies. It’s relatable in its way, the one-sided love affair that fails to dim in its passion, but will never truly come to a satisfying fruition.

With a chorus full of sharp melody, the song is almost painfully positive in sound, as though to make the point that no matter how much it hurts to be just out of arm’s reach of the person you love, somehow, it is enough.

The Sergey is an artist who is not afraid to reveal his feelings and put them on display. His vocal flamboyancy is a fantastic selling point, and it comes alongside a knack for ear-worms and choruses that stem from that bright and vivacious trait.

Kudos must also go to the songwriters – S. Sokolov (Music) plus A. Sadovskiy and E. Yakovenko (Lyrics) who do a fine job in grooming the song to perfectly fit the theme. Overall, The Sergey has really taken his musical capabilities to a whole new level with respect to his cover version songs.

The track is now available on all digital music platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more. A music video for ‘Lost Without Your Love’ is on available on YouTube as well!



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