DasMeter: “Evolution” shows life’s ebbs and flows

Real-life brothers Darren (Keyboard, Drums) and Michael (Guitar, Vocals) are an American music duo project that goes by the name of DasMeter. Their style combines electronic, orchestral, and brass instrumentation together to shape their super sweet electronic sound which is influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Calvin Harris, Skrillex, The Walkmen, Joy Division, Explosions in the Sky, and more. Their debut electro-hardcore single “Mercury” was released in late May of 2015.  Now in 2017 DasMeter presents the world their brand new 13-track album entitled “Evolution”.

A button is pressed and “Evolution” bursts into life, with a slow isolated piano and spoken voice intro on “i choose you”. The following track “twenty years” arrives amid the same sullenness, but soon lights up with its bright and warm tonality, melody and rhythm.

The track places the emphasis on a gentle rhythm, and of the use of space. It’s a remarkable opening segment, one that finds DasMeter toying with expectations and teasing out possibilities: taking chances, exploring possibilities casting their minds towards the future, while seriously reflecting on the past.

As ever, there are mysteries galore for fans to bask in as DasMeter’s instrumental music is extremely lyrical, narrating a story of loss, regret, anger and hope. The music proposes endless storytelling puzzles, and taken as a purely sonic document “Evolution” matches density to precision, with those endless about turns never failing to engage.

Weighing in at 13 tracks, the album does come with considerable ballast. Sparse, at times morbid sections will intrigue you while the atmospheres of the foreboding are ever imminent. Throughout there are creative ideas billowing out of the slipstream, with moments of musical exuberance, when pianos, strings, pads and percussion drive your emotions into ecstasy. If machines have a soul, then this is truly spiritual music finding DasMeter at their most inspired, most engaged.

Though the tracks are contain upbeat orchestral swoon and sweeping synthesized strings, they toy with both euphoria and despair. Through song like “talk to me”, “the wall”, “losing hope” and “I cared about you”, to “learning lessons” and “new beginnings”, this album reaches varying emotional climaxes neither conclusive nor unsatisfying.

Showing that life ebbs, flows and what compels us forward ultimately seals our own fate. In fact “new beginnings” ends the album with an undulating driving beat, exposing the threads of hope that lies inside our souls, but also the chaos of uncertainty which lies underneath our carefully programmed lives.

DasMeter stuns us all with this return, which is as carefully orchestrated as any of their previous works, but emotionally a lot more introspective, deep and truly personal. Thankfully they’ve saved their finest musical ideas for “Evolution”, which burns brighter than anything they have accomplished thus far.

Throughout the history of music it has been said that the best music usually comes from the saddest situations in life. So from the moment the introduction of this album kicks off, and you here the following words, you wonder.

“I choose you to be my partner in life. I promise you my unconditional love, my fullest devotion and tender care. I promise to be there for you through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future. I promise to be faithful and to love, honor and cherish you all the days of our lives…”.

You realize that from this elevated moralistic moment onward, and with such a binding pledge to adhere to for the rest of one’s life, that delusion is just waiting to peek its ugly head around the corner. And with delusion comes sadness…the rest of the story is beautifully and poignantly narrated by DasMeter in “Evolution” – their best work yet!


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