Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther: “Lost In Love” is a radio-ready production

Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther has been in the music industry for many years. He left for a 10 year period and now is bouncing back with more ambition and passion than ever before. And to start things off with a bang he has released a brand new single which is a rearrangement of his 2016 composition entitled “Lost In Love”. A multi-instrumentalist from Norway, Kyrre who has studied at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, United Kingdom, where he specialized as a singer and songwriter.

This much is evident on the new single, where he delivers a rocker with all the necessary pop twists and turns for mainstream consumption.

A radio-ready production that is so finely tuned between the nostalgic and the ultra-modern, “Lost In Love” talks about the inevitable pain of loss, but never giving up on love itself. Kyrre’s voice carries endless emotions without ever sounding forced or clichéd – a trap easy to fall into when you have a crooning voice of this caliber.

But there’s no doubting that Kyrre has got the musical chops for his chosen genre, as he flexes both his smooth falsetto and songwriting skills throughout this track.

It’s this very formula, a balance between edgy and non-threatening accessibility that will shoot the Norwegian singer into the mainstream radar. The single is definitely worth the ten-year wait. The singer’s take on modern pop-rock is a little left of center with the crunchy guitars, but that’s what makes his music sing.

He treats us to thumping goodness just as much as he graces us with melodic heaven. The songwriter’s knack of writing an atmospheric and relatable track, makes the song an admirable listen.

Kyrre has probably sat quite comfortably back in his home, during the last few years , now “Lost In Love”  is a reminder of what this gifted singer-songwriter still has to offer; we will get to appreciate his impact on the pop-rock genre once again.

There’s enough diversity to keep you hooked from beginning to end and you will be enlightened by Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther’s distinctive lyrical and vocal work, as well as his charm. A super comeback to his solo career indeed, fans of the genre will devour “Lost In Love” without hesitation.



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