Mallika Mehta: “War Solo” is just the start for her!

Mallika Mehta’s voice is what distances her from her pop peer group. She isn’t big on image, not big on superfluous production, and won’t be the one leading teens and others to new trends. What she does, is continue to be herself, live her brand (smart, strong young woman who is true to herself and knows exactly who she is, and what is important) and record amazing music. Her song “War Solo” is a must have for fans of melodic pop, and those who appreciates a sincere artist. Mallika is one of my favorite female artists, both for her phenomenal voice and because she always seems to be herself.

Her songs, both original and her cover versions are real soulful pop gems that are more nuanced and better crafted than most modern pop. The sound quality of her material is good and never heavy handed on the compression, and her performances are so enticing.

Her songs also feels like the type of music that’s going to show us more layers, the more it’s played. I’ve come to the conclusion there is not a dud or a throwaway track to be found in her concise collection.

I cannot imagine Mallika not winning tons of awards as her career progresses and she keeps up the quality of even better than work she has done on “War Solo”. If she doesn’t, then the world really will have gone mad! Few in the music industry can sing with as many diverse nuances and textures as Mallika Mehta can, and fewer yet, have a voice as fantastic as hers is.

Clearly, she will get better with each passing release and “War Solo” is just the start for her.  The songs, the catchy hooks and great lyrics start to embed themselves into your brain from the first listen.

And of course the lyrics are very relatable too. Not many people can resist a passionate and heartfelt song, or one dealing with deep and difficult relationships. It is something we all suffer at one time or another.

Once you have a great storyline and a lush musical arrangement, all you need is an emotion-evoking voice to carry the song’s message to an audience. Mallika Mehta is someone that is perfectly indicated for the job. And she proves as much on “War Solo”, with an exquisite and heartrending performance.


Mallika Mehta who sings both in English and Hindu, has been singing since the age of 6. In 2014, she undertook training with the Voice Academy, NYC, and also attended a 5 week summer program at Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2016. In that same year, Mallika performed her official debut concert, entitled “Rhythm”, in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Mumbai.

Subsequently Mallika was also invited to open a concert for Kailash Kher, the Indian pop-rock and Bollywood playback star. Mallika Mehta’s first ever English single “War Solo” was released on 21st November, 2016. The song was recorded at the VOA Studio, Port Washington, while the Recording, Mixing and Mastering were done by Robert Nolfe.


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