Spell Code: “Party Up” – A full volume club banger!

In the past two or so years, the pop music world has been heavily infiltrated by EDM influences. Whether it’s a dubstep-tinged track or a club anthem featuring a prominent female vocalist, the impact is undeniable. Now along comes Maya aka Spell Code, a 16 year old female DJ/Producer living in Zagreb, Croatia (EU).She is still in high school but music is her love, her passion and her life, especially uplifting party music, as she says she just love’s to party!

The single “Party Up” is her debut release, and is also the first song taken from her upcoming EP “EDM Pandemonium”.

Though this is a straight hard-hitting, full volume club banger meant to send dance floor crowds into a frenzy, it is meticulously produced. With each successive listen it becomes more apparent; every single note has a purpose, every snare hit and synth squeal was methodically placed and painstakingly produced.

Spell Code’s attention to detail is stunningly thorough; every single beat has been toiled over, worked and re-worked, ad infinitum, until what is left is nothing short of perfection.  At first it was hard to define, but then I realized that “Party Up” has one thing that so many of today’s dance music productions do not — it has a party soul!

Many producers release tracks that are nothing more than neatly packaged vehicles to redistribute old singles done over and over, but Spell Code has successfully crossed over, transcending what it means to be pigeonholed as a simple DJ by developing into a full-fledged electronic artist.

She has asserted himself as more than just another producer in a sea of sonic drivel, and by doing so, has created her first classic single ready for the latest wave of dance music fans to get down and party to.

Furthermore Spell Code has gone back to basics by producing a full-blown instrumental track, something that most producers don’t even bother to do anymore as they’re more interested in getting onto mainstream radio than getting a crowd of people in a club dancing.


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