Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “Lost In The Sound” tells it all!

“Lost In The Sound” tells it all, a provocative, thoughtful, and intellectually, but saddening exploration of a range of problems surrounding the demise of planet earth by way of disrespectful human behavior. The song demonstrates once again Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s coherence – philosophically and musically, with its pondering harmonic textures producing a sonic mosaic of atmospheric, dolorous affects.

A masterpiece of lyrical poetry, musical artistry and dramatic cohesiveness, the track is a wake-up call to the devastation we are causing: “In a world filled with greed and power, and conquests reaching for the sky / We’re stripping away all the ancient beauty.” And the consequences we are experiencing: “Mama comes to take you down, you can’t escape the shaking ground / Caused by endless cold neglect, we should have shown her more respect.”

roger-cole-paul-barrere-lis-coverThe grand sweep of this track is unparalleled in modern indie rock music. From its beginning to its gorgeous, instrumental middle and melancholy final, “Lost In The Sound” takes the listener on an unforgettable trek through mankind’s failures.

Expect grand arranging gestures, sumptuous vocal harmonies, layered acoustic and electric guitar tracks plus a scorching lead solo and many other rock niceties, not the least of which is some fine drumming work. The wall of sound is thick enough to make Phil Spector proud, and yet there is a quality of air and space that is hard to describe.

In addition to the tapestry of sound, the lyrics are exceptional. They may not jump out at first – but stand alone as individual poetic expressions. Imaginative, evocative phrases (“Freedom is finding a place in your mind by taking a moment to leave it behind” or “The laughing face within the masses captures you with a single stare”) bring to mind great writers like Thomas Hardy.

Stringing these individual pearls, and fusing music and verbal expression into one larger common thread is a remarkable achievement, and which is why intelligent music never grows old.

The key tonalities present in the composition give this slightly psychedelic influenced masterpiece the classical music feel that drives it above and beyond mere progressive rock.  This is truly one of Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s finest moments!

“Lost In The Sound” is the last song of the year for the Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, and is available only on their EP, “Lost In The Sound pt. 1”, released on Black Friday.


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