Killa Kay-Oz: “Night Belongs To Me” Ft Jsty13z is building momentum!

Killa Kay-Oz an unsigned Artist from Fayetteville N.C is busy promoting the track “Night Belongs To Me” Ft Jsty13z.  Killa Kay-Oz is an un-showy virtuoso, rapping in a low-key, sleepy-eyed tone that obscures his wit and rhythmic gifts. This feel-good street hit, is a cascade of tightly interlocking, evocative rhymes, built on a smooth grooving beat. Through his mixtape appearances, Killa Kay-Oz has established himself as a lyrical emcee. He has skills and the ability to ride a beat and flip a catchy chorus, while punch lines seamlessly roll off his tongue.

The production and the guest in the shape of Jsty13z have enough collective talent to bring an even fresher feel to “Night Belongs To Me”. Killa Kay-Oz has been consistently releasing new music on the web and slowly but surely building his brand.

This track just adds some more fuel to the fire he has started a few years ago. I’ve been trying to kick the habit of reading the charts. In the internet age they’re an increasingly less accurate reflection of what real people are really listening to. Artists like Killa Kay-Oz more often than not fly under the radar, so we’ll hardly find a track like “Night Belongs To Me” Ft Jsty13z anywhere on the charts unfortunately.

So what will it take for an artist like Killa Kay-Oz to build up a huge following in the music industry nowadays? You can go the way Bryson Tiller did by taking Soundcloud by storm, garnering over 35 million stream on his profile a couple of years back already. A feat that sure got people talking, which eventually led to him being signed to a label (including a co-sign by Timbaland!).

While Killa Kay-Oz talent is very existent through his rhymes and his beats, “Night Belongs To Me” Ft Jsty13z is not what you would call a ‘groundbreaking’ as this territory has been marked many times before. However, there is plenty of room in the urban/rap genre for artists such as Killa Kay-Oz.

And when he eventually digs a little deeper for that diversity in terms of sound and lyrics which he already has in his DNA, and points it all in the same direction challenging its boundaries, no doubt Killa Kay-Oz will develop his career into a powerful forward going momentum. Until that time you happily ride to the groove on “Night Belongs To Me” Ft Jsty13z.


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