Yo Daddy Doe: “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)” – a brave and bold statement!

Yo Daddy Doe aka YDD is a Hip hop Artist from Leominster, Massachusetts, who is currently working with Sunday Dinner Records based out of Dallas, TX. YDD began his career in 2009, and has been diligently perfecting the next lane to emerge from. His latest project “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)” is meant to be the sign of a new beginning for the Boston rapper. It becomes hard not to have both respect and admiration for Yo Daddy Doe after listening to this recording. He pours his mind, body, and soul into his music in a time when disloyal fans, clueless cunts and the soulless music industry make it hard for lyrical emcees to make an impression with the masses. All throughout the 5 track mixtape, Yo Daddy Doe comes across as the quintessence of an unsung emcee.

For the most part, the mixtape is filled with solid mid-tempo tracks, head-nodding beats and catchy rhymes. One of the crew cuts, “Shelter”, is a clear stand out. It’s perhaps the song that best showcases Yo Daddy Doe’s all-round skillset. Here he flexes some of his most creative rhyme schemes.

But if you’re into soulful slow burners, then things only get better on “Pain”, arguably the best track in this collection. The rapper comes in full force on this song, taking his voice from a dark lament to an ominous growl. It’s a rare track that can combine celebration with genuine, teeth-bared anger.

All throughout “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)”, the Boston rapper’s focus is on real storytelling hip hop music, the beloved art form he draws inspiration from and hopes to add substantially to; but he is operating in an era where the threats to the culture is as inescapable as the opportunities it potentially brings its practitioners.

It is a complicated time, filled with plenty possibilities and major pitfalls: and “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)” – a thoughtful, impassioned and uncommonly great mixtape – is a suitably fascinating document of it.

OK, so “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)” probably won’t go multi-platinum, and Yo Daddy Doe will come out of the experience as an artist feted more among the cognoscenti than lionized by the masses.

But that’s not a bad thing at all when you’re building your credibility before your brand. Moreover this record hardly comes out of nowhere; Yo Daddy Doe has been staking his claim as a hip hop innovator and a rapper of wit, substance and style for 7 years already.

This short and concise mixtape is an excellent, musically rich, lyrically adventurous set, which shows a single rapper can tackle themes that run the gamut from unflinching street-life narratives to inspirational self-improvement philosophizing and even straight out stoner-rap-styled rhyming, as is evidenced on the alternative sounding “Boundry”.

A track that seems like a last gasp effort to drag the “Internal Monologues 2: Unmastered (IM2)” intrinsic soul out of the dark spot and into the light. All-in all, this recording is a brave and bold statement from a rapper taking an aural blowtorch to the industry which he may have to depend on for any commercial viability, as he eschews a glossy production, catchy pop vocal hooks and the use of features – three factors commercial rap lives and dies by!

Yo Daddy Doe is also on a Compilation Album for Sunday Dinner Records. The release date is March 24, 2017 and will be available for Free on SundayDinnerRecords.com


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