D.I.M: “VOLUME I; THE PIECES FIT” – more impressive with each passing track!

Colorful, clever and meaningful songs ignite the deeply lit passion of music for D.I.M (Department of Intellectual Minds). Formed in Los Angeles of 2017 they are fast at work on their first album “VOLUME I; THE PIECES FIT” from which they have already finished a few singles. Drawing from significant experience, vocalist Jasmine White, guitarist/vocalist Chad Ellis, bassist Martin Fredriksson, and drummer Daniel Ramos have unmatched enthusiasm for this band. D.I.M is just the band anyone needs to get their full dose of originality and Rock-n-Roll.

Banging, beautiful, and beyond versatile, this group know exactly how to blow the roof off of any song, as on “Waving My Flag”, and stop time with a single chord as can be heard on “Inside My Mind”. All that said, D.I.M is something else, always creating smashing music and performing like it is all that matters.

D.I.M (Department of Intellectual Minds) is a formidable group right from the word go, that seems to have formed with the ultimate goal of creating their futures. Taking girl power to a whole never level, vocalist Jasmine White has music running through her blood and was obviously made to do the incredible, honing her craft along the way.

From everything to anything, D.I.M knows just how to surprise fans. Highlighting raw vocals and energy throughout, and then blending in some Soul to Classic Blues and Rock sounds, “Inside My Mind” is introspective and downright groovy and D.I.M know just how to intrigue their following with this track.

Breathtaking, funky and epic, “Waving My Flag” gives hints of roots Rock, picking up with gnarly guitar riffs; it is a welcomed original and dynamic song. Moving listeners of all kinds, those who were not a fan of D.I.M before, will be now. “Last Bus” is just as beautiful as it mixes a perfect blend of soulful instrumentation and vocals by Chad Ellis.

Possessing immense talent as a band, it also takes a ton of passion, to execute songs of this caliber and emotion. With their excellent musical mastery and innate skills to make anything sound phenomenal, D.I.M is more impressive with each passing track.

The guitars are sprawling, at times jangly, at others crunchy, the bass is thumping and the drumming is impeccable. The band never gives away too much lyrical information because I believe they want listeners to delve into their songs with an open, unbiased mind so that they can uncover their own meanings behind the messages.

Instead of being able to pinpoint a specific feeling or event, fans are left to utilize the artistic portions of their own minds – and that is what makes D.I.M (Department of Intellectual Minds) so damn good!

The band’s diverse resume of influences is constantly heard as they expand their horizons and explore core and sub-genres of rock. This versatility shows the extent of the band’s aptitude as it is not easy to enter so many territories on a handful of songs and actually sound so good.


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