Dark Night: “Mountain Side” (Prod. by Blanco Billions) – the antithesis to the mainstream rappers

Dark Night was born in Australia, and studied at Winmalee high. He dropped out of school to pursue a career in music, after always being into hip hop and rock since he was a little kid. By the time he was 21 Dark Night started to get into music producing, learning through online courses. A year later he found his own style of music which was a combination of rock and hip hop combined, and which he likes to call Hip Rock. In fact listening to his latest single “Mountain Side” (Produced by Blanco Billions),musically it sounds like Dark Night sits squarely between the spoken word rock prose of Lou Reed and lyrically it is better suited to the horrorcore rap made famous by Brotha Lynch Hung.

Dark Night isn’t the biggest name in music just yet, but he is in his Hip Rock genre. Let’s set one thing straight, he doesn’t care what he says on a track. He will say anything that he has on his mind so expect explicit content. That being said, lyrically, Dark Night is absolutely amazing.

Though his spoken word flow is understated and low-key, it remains subtly menacing, while the lyrics are far from subtle. That combined with the cinematic soundscape, makes it almost impossible to not like this music if you’re into this particular genre.

It’s obvious from the opening bars of “Mountain Side” that Dark Night  is a perfect hybrid between the  rock n’ roll antihero and a hip-hop madman. The track is appropriately somber, with malicious imagery invading the hip-hop format.

It’s like a gun barrel stuck deep into your wounds, ready to blow open an even bigger hole in your body. It’s the result of maybe being fucked over too many times, so violent thoughts flood the mind and the flow- “Welcome to the mountain side, a place where we live and where we die. All we do is drink, fuck and fight.”

Dark Night obviously prides himself on being the antithesis to the mainstream rappers, by putting perverse, but true thought into his lyrics, as opposed to the stereotypical “riches n’ bitches” approach. He pushes the listener and challenges them emotionally and intellectually with hash words and thoughts.

Currently he is alone in the musical desert, as I have hardly heard any other artist doing the same music. There are no flashing lights, no late night partying, and no cash raining down from the sky. This is simply Dark Night and his conflicted thoughts in the middle of mountain side…where anything can happen.

This is not a song for the closed-minded. Dark Night will possibly make you question your own ethics. If you can appreciate true alternative hardcore poetry, then you will devour “Mountain Side” (Produced by Blanco Billions). Come and take a trip into the depths of an ill mind.


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