Dj Débias: “Tonight” is lyrical, melodic, tasteful, beautiful, and fresh sounding

DJ, Lyricist and Producer, Dj Débias began composing and producing tracks and mixtapes since the age of 13. He is one third of the group 1200 Percynt. A Trio of 3 DJ’s that held sets over nightlife in Corvallis Oregon, during his enrollment, at Oregon State University. Additional members of 1200 Percynt include The Juggernaut and Diss One. It wasn’t till 2007 that Dj Débias published his first instrumental album “The Conduit” – a journey of past experiences concerning life’s trials and tribulations. He followed that up with a second album “Domestic Squabbles” a year later. Throughout this period, the NY born, Queens native, sought an outlet to express his negative experiences in a positive light through creating music.

Freshly out of the oven comes “Tonight”, the first single off Dj Débias’ upcoming project “3VEN”. Seriously, one of the first things that struck me upon listening to this new track – from the instrumental to the lyrics – is that Dj Débias exhibits such pure beauty and reverence for life and love.

In this case, physical love, as Débias goes about describing some sultry and sensual scenes. I know a track is good when I can’t stop hitting the replay button. This is the case with “Tonight”, where the artist raps, sing-songs, and is having pretty much the time of his life – “Savage pinups, silk smooth legs, fingers tracing the contour of nectar, hidden between your legs. My tongue’s searching for the honey you may leave me, with the small reminders of the love we made…” Does it get any better than that my dear brethren?

It’s like Dj Débias is telling a story with this song and you feel almost like you’re right there with him, along for the ride. Taking it all in and enjoying all that he has to offer. Now in this case, that’s literally a damn near orgasmic experience.

If you are hungry for good music, I mean real feel-good hip-hop music, then this is what you need. And even though it discusses the hacked up theme of women and making love, this tune is lyrical, melodic, tasteful, beautiful, and fresh sounding. Oftentimes lyrics can be explicit in rap songs, without necessarily being derogative or offensive to anyone.

The key is in how the artist interprets those words, the tone and texture of his voice and the music sustaining it. Dj Débias gets it all right on “Tonight” – first and foremost, because his rhymes are not derogative or offensive, on the contrary they’re almost an ode to the captivating power a women may have over a man.

And secondly, his voice and flow is as smooth as silk, eliminating any presumed or expected hostilities. All the narrator wants is some emotional reassurance and physical comforting, and in return he’s prepared to make his girl fly- “Tonight let me ease your mind, tell me it’s mine, it’s time…”


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