So Suede: “Blessed (No Lies No Lies)” – aligned with the aesthetics of contemporary rap

So Suede has his motto, “#ImInTuneHowBoutU?”, tattooed on his body. It represents the way he lives his life, always ready for the next step in his career. Performing at live shows from Florida to Texas, he has created a name for himself and has had the opportunity to open for artist such as Kevin Gates, Young Ready, Cash Out, and Zro. He is also the owner of the licensed and trademarked, Business Minds LLC. The entertainer and social activist from Southwest Louisiana recently dropped his latest single “Blessed (No Lies No Lies)” produced by Denzel.

As the genre that is hip-hop expands, the elements of sound that spell hip-hop undoubtedly change as well. Hence So Suede’s music is now aligned with the obsession of aesthetics in contemporary rap music, such as Young Thug, Future, or the intrepid Gucci Mane, while his work is still touching, honest, and meaningful.

He is dead set on telling his story, and the surge of trendy rap will not stop him from doing so, quite simply because he has joined the flow. He shows that despite the trends of today’s hip-hop scenes, he can remain true to himself and unabashedly true to his understanding of hip-hop, while still riding the trap train that usually leads to success.

The acoustic qualities of this production leaves plenty of room for So Suede’s to flaunt his lyrical skill, a great pairing that allows for the talents of both rapper and producer to shine.

For So Suede, hip-hop is not just a popular music genre, but a community of artists, fighters, and thinkers, a platform to explore and develop the lost narratives of the street life, and a cultural landscape that considers the livelihood of all peoples. In this sense, “Blessed (No Lies No Lies)” is a song on which showcases So Suede’s tenacity for consistent rhymes and unconventional honesty.

So Suede introduces his verse with a confident authenticity, dispelling all doubt about the self-empowering sincerity of his poetics, as he raps “’Cause I’m blessed, and I’m the best.”

On “Blessed (No Lies No Lies)”, So Suede invites his listeners to keep a close ear to every line of his lyrics as he peels back the layers of his street psychology, his earnest artistic ruminations, and his intellect, presenting his newest project as a challenge to the intrepid hip-hop novices and stoic, overconfident old heads of hip-hop’s past.


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