Lunacie: “Feelin Kinda Good” will fuel your fire!

Born in Oakland, CA. and currently residing in the East Bay, Lunacie A.K.A. Big Lune taught himself to play a number of instruments. Growing up, Lunacie listened to everything from Hip-Hop to Rock, Blues and Pop. His mother recognized his talent at a young age so she tried to musically expose him to as much and as many styles as possible. After much traveling and many shows with his (then) group EMC Boyz, he felt it was time to release his own album, which he did in 2007. Since then he’s produced many albums and singles for underground artists nationwide and has had many songs placed in major motion pictures and in TV shows.

Lunacie has appeared in Billboard Magazine and was the longest running ‘King of The Mic’ on iHeart Radio’s Wild 94.9 battle rap. Moreover he has opened for many major artists like T.I., Souljah boy, Mike Jones, Mystikal, Rick Ross, Webbie, Trina, Tech N9ne, Waka Flacka Flame, among others. Released toward the end of last year, Lunacie’s single “Feelin Kinda Good” is still making waves.

Lunacie brings entertaining verses, a hard hitting beat, and a charisma that is almost unrivaled by most underground emcees. He is one of the dopest rappers ever. If you listen close, he even changes his rhyme schemes to match the music. And I’m not just talking about voice inflections or using more words.

The voice and melody are massaged with care for flair, as this track flows with assured lyrics and smooth sequencing, to offset the input of a certifiable pop genius at the helm. If this track doesn’t rock your world, nothing will.

Unlike many ego driven rappers who are so blatantly self-centered that they are hard to relate to, other than just being a spectacle unto themselves, Lunacie draws you into his world and takes you along for the ride. If he’s ‘feeling kinda good’, so are you. If he feels like ‘he’s running the hood’, then so are you.

This thing is just so infectious it’s really hard to resist. If rap powers your day and lights up your nights, Lunacie’s latest contribution will provide you fuel for the entire summer…whether you’re listening through headphones while chilling or burning up the dance floor in some exotic location. This is feel-good music, and you don’t need the title to tell you that, the bouncy groove will!

The question is, with this kind of catchiness, how long will it be before Lunacie is selling out shoes and getting recognition by everyone on the music industry? I have to admit that I haven’t heard Lunacie prior to this track, but now I’m so super stoked to have found “Feelin Kinda Good”, which is from his upcoming CD entitled, “I’m the Best”, set to drop in June. It’s been on replay for about a week and I can’t wait for him to drop more music.

Lunacie is an indie artist signed with Vicious Grind Music Group. “Lunacie, hands down has to be the most phenomenal hip hop artist and lyricist to be discovered from the Bay Area in a long time. He is the best,” says Darryle James, President of Vicious Grind Music Group.

Vicious Grind Music Group is a professional music label based in the Bay Area. VGMG is a division of Vicious Grind Global. VGMG is on a mission to become one of the Bay Area’s premiere independent hip hop and entertainment companies. The label prides itself on its current roster of quality artists and projects in development soon to hit the US and global markets.



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