Dru Cutler: “Hometown” – Heart-on-sleeve rock n’ roll!

Bushwick, Brooklyn singer songwriter, Dru Cutler completed his degree in Music Composition at the University of South Florida before studying songwriting at the Berklee College of Music. Dru has performed at an impressive range of venues and has also scored a film soundtrack in his growing career. Quite recently he released the two track single, “Hometown” backed by “Infinite Moons”.  The band supporting Dru, consists of Dave Mainella (Keys) Jon Wert (Drums) and Isaac Jaffe (Bass). On the single, Dru Cutler sings and plays electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the vibraphone.

In the liner notes, the track is perfectly described as “a rock-n-roll nod to the places we all grew up. One part love song for the suburbs, and one part bittersweet goodbye to the days of youth.” Sometimes when you’re nostalgic and maybe a little confused between being sad or grateful, all you can manage to accomplish are the simple things.

Dragging yourself out of bed, putting the kettle on, and remembering to eat and breathe seem like minor victories when your emotions are overridden. Then there are people like Dru Cutler who write songs to liberate the tiny little monsters that irritate their insides.

Dru simplified the songwriting on his new track, “Hometown”, paring down the arrangement and refining his sentiments into a revealing examination of his attempts to mend his sentiments. Throughout this somber but hopeful song, you will hear a steady beat, an infectious melody, full harmonies and Dru’s crystalline vocals.

The track is further embellished by fiery, but smooth electric guitar solo. There is a Neil Young-ish and Tom Petty-esque classic catchiness and simplicity to single that is simply enchanting. Much like the aforementioned legends, Dru Cutler seems like one for following his own muse, impulses and stylistic influences, cutting a wide and straight path through contemporary rock ’n’ roll.

Heart-on-sleeve songwriting can easily become mawkish and saccharine but Dru Cutler has a well sharpened pen, production and musical nous that ensures all the stars are in alignment on “Hometown”, allowing for his fascinating narrative to arc its way through the recording with intelligence and restraint.

Mostly, it’s Dru Cutler’s eminently listenable voice and his succinct way with words that make this track work – particularly in its quieter moments. He is at his best when capturing the essence of what it means to be human – sentiments and all!


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