Angelle: “Gold” nails the mature R&B formula!

Angelle is a singer-songwriter and recording artist out of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a musical family, by the age of five she knew that singing was what she wanted to do, and by the age of ten she was writing her own music. Influenced by her father, and with two uncles who enjoyed great commercial success in Haitian music, Angelle is determined to carry on that legacy. She has already won several songwriting awards, and released her EP ‘Rêvé (Life’s But a Dream)’ in 2015.

A graduate of the University of Albany in which she received her BA in Sociology and minor in English, Angelle has performed at major places like the Webster Hall, Melrose Ballroom, The Wick, and Milkriver, among others. After her single and video releases in 2016 and 21017 respectively, Angelle has just dropped her latest song, entitled “Gold” Prod. by Paidinfull.

Sometimes it’s the recordings with lower expectations that are the most surprising or yield impressive results “Gold” nails the ‘mature’ R&B formula. If she hadn’t already proven it on her previous releases, Angelle shows she has her own distinguished set of pipes with a wide range, and she holds her own.

The single “Netflix- N- Chill,” showed Angelle at her best, but this new track shores things up undoubtedly. The power, grit, and range are breathtaking, making the, for now, under-the-radar lot of this artist unwarranted.

“Gold” appeals most to the mature crowd, given its utter simplicity in regards to the successful, dedicated relationship. In other words, it’s “old school”. The soulful song packs a mighty punch, with Angelle biting, delivering an inspired, flawless performance.

Naturally, Angelle voice is reminiscent of some of our favorite Soul and R&B divas from the past. She doesn’t reference it directly, but musically the overall sound and harmonic progression come directly from the adult contemporary R&B hit package. There’s an enigmatic, nebulousness about “Gold” that also amplifies an understated sexiness. The vocal production and arrangement don’t hurt the cause either.

It could be argued polished contemporary R&B recordings are hard to come by these days. Angelle proves that wrong throughout “Gold”.  While the track is ‘mature’ in concept, there’d be no shame in the game for the hip-hop oriented generation embracing it.

“Gold” is a solid piece of work and Angelle should be proud of this project. You can tell what she was trying to do with this song and she was able to accomplish that for the most part. She stuck to her strengths as a vocalist and because of that she’s solidified her spot as one of the more interesting underground R&B singers out right now.


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