Capricanno: “Deep Thoughts Fade” – vices, vulnerabilities and destructive tendencies!

Milwaukee electronic/hip-hop artist Capricanno has freshly dropped his eclectic mixtape entitled “Deep Thoughts Fade”. After listening to this recording, Capricanno’s alternative experimenting seems to make sense; this is an artist constantly questioning himself and the issues that puzzle just about any inquisitive mind. Religion, relationships, religion, lust, religion, cheating, religion, drugs, and…religion. Religion is a strong and recurring theme in this recording, with Capricanno expressing all his doubts and distresses on the subject. The production is impressive, with Capricanno doing a stellar job on these tracks, as we’re presented with 7 cuts dealing out dark, somber and even angry attitudes, portraying human vices, vulnerabilities and destructive tendencies over futuristic ambiances.

There’s growth, and there’s evidence throughout “Deep Thoughts Fade” that Capricanno has the potential to become an authority in the alternative underground music world, as both a producer and a writer. There’s also a recurring concept of inner struggle, which allows you to enter the artist’s world and explore his darting mind.

Affirming, off-kilter beats complement Capricanno’s distinctive nihilism, setting this project apart from many works being released right now. The album takes a number of turns both musically and lyrically. But it’s not an easy listen if you’re into hip-pop, as  Capricanno’s flow and rhymes are decidedly hard hitting, while the rhythms zigzag back and forth.

Here is an artist, who instead of bragging about selling coke or shooting people down, is able to bare his emotions and thoughts on a set of different thematics to his audience without resorting to brash, hyperbolic claims; instead of listening to him because he claims to be the greatest, people can listen to him because he has some interesting stuff to discuss – regardless of whether you agree with his views or not.

To put it simply, I found something in Capricanno that I could respect. His talent is a big part of that respect, but it went beyond that. There was something incredibly endearing about imagining a rapper sitting alone in his bedroom, or wherever, and just running through his deepest convictions , be that cheating, sluttish women or overrated, impotent gods. I have hardly ever heard a rapper tackle these subjects in that way before. It brought out a whole new side to his music; it wasn’t just something to groove to, it was something to get lost in.

Apart from being an agile wordsmith and a dynamic performer with an uncanny skill for role-playing, Capricanno delivers a recording that is very cohesive; everything fits perfectly, which is more important than any singular lyrical achievement. Capricanno seems like an artist who is well on his way to sharply focusing his thoughts, to being a rapper who can shoot off legitimate statements effortlessly…and without regret.

Sure he is oftentimes crude and goes bluntly to the point, but he also has some very interesting song titles that are bound to instantly attract attention, such “God’s a Pussy”, “Panties”, “Busy As A Priest” and “Drugs With My Dog” – now tell me you’re not keen to hear what’s going on inside these track titles?

There are no skip-worthy tracks. “Deep Thoughts Fade” is all muscle, with hard-hitting futuristic beats and immediately affecting lyrics. Capricanno is flexing and stretching his skills, exploring untouched areas of his psyche and finding emotions to turn into songs.


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