SF1: “Honest (ft. Daj)” – a summer anthem!

SF1 is a drummer, music producer, actor, Berklee College of Music alumni and Grammy Award considered emcee from Denver, CO. The award–winning artist has shared stages with artists such as KRS-One, Jake Miller, Jurassic 5, Big Data, Robert DeLong, and Lupe Fiasco, among. His singles “#Autopilot”, “Rhapsody” and “Ride”, released via his own label, Cornbread Entertainment, have been played by iHeart Radio Stations. When performing live, SF1 has a skilled ensemble of performers, called The Crew, to back him.

SF1 has just releases his feel-good, ‘pick-up-girls’ summer anthem, entitled “Honest (ft. Daj)”. The track is a funky, guitar driven, hi-energy soundscape, where SF1 lays his ‘honesty’ on the line: “She looks good, but her friend looks better.” Now I know how many of you have had the same thought on numerous occasions, but never once the courage to drop the line.

Here SF1 blurts it out to the world. Courageous or superfluous? SF1 will discover the answer while hanging out this summer. In the meantime we have a musical mouthpiece to declare our true thoughts and feelings, when we see those voluptuous ladies hanging out at the bar.

When was the last time you heard a summer rap tune that sent a shot of warmth through your body? If it’s been too long, then you’re going to love this song. This is, without a doubt, an accomplished track. The easy pliability of the accompaniment here suggests his team of background players have been put to their best use making bits of great things for the man to rap over.

The jangling guitar strums, the bass groove, and chugging beat, that runs through this songs feels like the result of a crew of artists having fun making music, not explicitly attempting to design a pop-radio nugget as a battering ram to storm mainstream hip-hop’s gates. Something SF1 may achieve anyway, without even consciously trying.

Beneath the hood of any smooth ride, there is always an engine working harder than it lets on. Shane “SF1” Franklin is as much of a creative force as anyone in the underground hip-hop world today. Something I’ve always said and still stand by is that a great recording will always have the ability to transport you into a different world, memory or experience.

It’s like a book – you can tell it’s good if you’re able to fully absorb it. So when you listen to music, up the volume, and ask yourself, “Do I feel like I’m being transported somewhere else right now?” If the answer is yes – like it is for me with “Honest (ft. Daj)” – then it has done its job!


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