A&L: “Living The Dream” – a take-no-prisoners Pop-Punk scorcher!

Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, in art A&L, waste no time setting the tone for their sixth single, “Living The Dream”: “We have seen a lot of division and vitriol lately,” says Casuccio. “This track stands as a referendum/response against the angst.” Leaving Marie to conclude: “This is another Casuccio written song that will get you singing along.” This is a band very much alive, and hungry, not just a bunch of not-so-young to middle-aged rockers taking a victory lap. That fact is borne out, both lyrically and musically, on the new single, which also features drummer Rich Smith and bass player Matt Sunick.

Rock n’ roll, in the guise of a pop-punk radio friendly track, is of course, the foundation here: Hence “Living The Dream” is an up-tempo, take-no-prisoners scorcher in the vein of A&L’s best work, climaxing with a bass, drum and guitar trifecta so ferocious it threatens to resurrect the genre straight from its grave. But the track is also refined and elevated by Lana Marie’s by its melodic, gentler, and less threatening vocals which give the track its pop twist.

And though the raucous guitar solo is quintessential Anthony Casuccio, the track’s overt references to EDM-type synthesizers, makes one curiously wonder what they would sound like if the band took a headlong dive into synth-based dance-oriented rock.

One thing is clear though, regardless of genre: get this lot in a room together and they can create a brilliant blend of slick and spiky music – with or without synthesizers!  A&L have radio-ready hooks, Anthony Casuccio’s blistering guitar, and they have Lana Marie’s wry, frosty purr – but they also have the songs.

With the minimum use of overdubs, “Living The Dream” is driven by moments of melodic bliss punctuated by blasts of crunchy, metallic guitar riffs and crisp, propulsive bass and drums. Aside from these gratifying detours into the well-trodden, and winning, A&L-by-numbers formula, Living The Dream” emerges as one of the band’s most compelling and adventurous single releases to date.

MORE ABOUT:  A&L is made up of two seasoned industry professionals: Anthony Casuccio a 20 year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, and who has received RIAA certified gold records for his production work. Lana Marie an award-winning vocalist who has been a long-time force on the NY music scene and voice to many jingles on radio and television. Together A&L have released six singles over the past two years, as well as an EP. They have received radio play in over 70 countries and charted highly on the Euro Indie Music Top 200. Their videos have also topped various popular video platforms.


Booking info: Howie Greene; HG Enterprises – 917-664-2661

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