Ricardo Padua: “Endless” – pop with tons of EDM laced in!

Ricardo Padua Ramirez is a musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, arranger and music executive. He has been a producer for several international artists including the young popstar Kacey Fifield. Padua has been asked to write songs for artists like Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj. He has been shortlisted for the GRAMMY® Awards on several occasions and his latest album “Sounds Like Me” debuted on the Top 200 charts from iTunes Mexico. He is the President and CEO of BlueSky Entertainment. There is so much “garbage” and “pre-packaged” music and artists these days, I quit listening to the radio a long time ago.

The music either all sounds the same, or I find it offensive and tasteless. No real talent. Just artists who have been more or less created by a label. But if that label is your own, and you’re creating yourself then the formula changes into something positive.

Such is the case with Ricardo Padua. His only ally is his inborn talent and he takes what he has and multiplies it a thousand-fold with “Endless”. This is pop, but there is a ton EDM laced in.

It’s a very mature, easy listening track that will tug at your heartstrings and restore your faith in the younger generation in terms of music.

Having had his own hand in the track, Ricardo proves he isn’t here just because of his looks. He’s here on pure talent and he’s not going anywhere right now, not until he finishes and releases the new album.

Ricardo Padua is a soulful singer who has a voice that puts your heart at ease. It is so hard to believe that this young man has such a skillful voice and he has so many different sounds in his voice as he is singing.

I find him to be refreshing and I am not a groupie or the typical audience for heartthrob teen boy music, but I have to eat my words.  I just find myself listening to “Endless” unexpectedly when I want to relax and ponder some matters of the heart.

Ricardo Padua is a fine young talent and I’m hoping that his future is long and prosperous. But judging by the steps he has taken in setting up his own label and publishing company, he probably has long term results imprinted in his mindset too.

He has already built up impressive credentials, and “Endless” will only contribute in continuing towards expanding his network and industry presence.


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