Bunny Sigler: “Till I See You Again” – honey to the ears

Walter “Bunny” Sigler or ‘Mr. Emotion’, as he is often called, has been playing the filed for 76 years. Sigler has worked with the legendary team of Gamble & Huff, and most of the artists associated with the Philadelphia stable, including The O’Jays, The Roots, Jackie Moore, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Barbara Mason, Billy Paul, Lou Rawls, Patti LaBelle and Stephanie Mills. Sigler also co-wrote “The Ruler’s Back”, the opening song on Jay-Z’s album ‘The Blueprint’. Now that’s a mean credit roll in anybody’s language, and enough to say that you’ve achieved your goals and are ready to turn the lights out…but not Mr. Emotion, no sir! He has dropped another single entitled “Till I See You Again”, through his own Bunz Music & Records label.

Taking a cue from our men and women in uniform, the track is a classic narrative of nostalgic longing for a special friend. Sigler has noted that the song is dedicated to the late Marvin Morrow, who co-wrote the song with him. Easy on the eyes, honey to the ears and blessed with a vocal range that can go from the dance floor to a devotional, Walter “Bunny” Sigler has been an R&B mainstay now for  decades.

His robust baritone is a force that cannot be denied. But given that today’s R&B entertainment market often panders to under 25-ish performers with overt marketing sex appeal and little else, Mr. Sigler’s dilemma is the equivalent of being a big fish in a small pond.

Knowing his limits and his strengths, tweaking them and stretching out here and there is what Sigler perfectly accomplishes on “Till I See You Again”.

Stepping back into the studio, the Pennsylvanian born artist pours his vocals across classic sounding instrumentation. He is bold and blustering in this indulgent slow jam that glides from sweet seduction to vocal runs that would make many R&B singers proud.

A Philly-styled throwback this is melody-rich and well-executed, as is treats listeners to a generous heaping of that elastic voice and harmonies – “I know I’m gonna cry when that train pulls away. And I remember things that I forgot to say.”

Although a lot has changed in the music industry, Mr. Emotion remains true to his style. It’s clear that the soulful balladeer has been taking great care of his voice during all these years. His booming baritone and tantalizing tenor are as rich as ever, as is his falsetto.

No doubt, after a lifetime in the game, Walter “Bunny” Sigler is ready to prove once again that he still has what it takes to captivate listeners’ ears. From the sound of things, there’s no question as to why Sigler is still doing it. He’s doing it because he still can!


One thought on “Bunny Sigler: “Till I See You Again” – honey to the ears

  1. I don’t want to surprise anyone, but I’m Bunny’s collaborator, Marvin Morrow, and I’m still here.
    I just heard about Bunny and am devastated. I was hoping to add to our collaborations. Bunny was a genius and a friend he is missed.

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