Black Elektronika: “No More Party” – Riding High on Beatport Charts!

“No More Party” is another testament to Black Elektronika’s technical genius and employment of flawless transitions and fluid beats. It is minimal yet complex—a trademark of any this project’s production. This track is ahead of its time, and I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be snaking its way into the club for at least the next decade, which, to be honest, is close to 100 years in the EDM culture. Why will it last that long? Simple. It is pure, unapologetic minimalistic creativity at its best.

This is how you do more, with less. And the less you put into a song, the less you are chained to any passing fads. Back-breaking drops and massive build-ups may be a thing of the past soon, as could be a whole set of other elements, sounds and effects.

That’s why some of the old school House and Techno tracks from way, way back still hold up and sound relevant today. Because the producers did not fill them up with what would later become obsolete sonic baggage. Black Elektronika who has dedicated 5 years to the Milano music culture, as well as generously serving the Italian hip hop market, seems to have followed this hard and fast rule on “No More Party”.

The tune comes out of the gate like a steam train on fire, leaning on a rolling bass thump and a funkily strummed guitar, before the synths and pianos pick up the baton to ride it into the next phase, before switching back to the guitar interludes.

In between, a baritone voice drops some sing-song type spoken words, to break the slap of the mono-rhythmic beat before it hypnotizes you. A sound engineer, producer, performer and music veteran, who was also a producer on the critically-acclaimed Marisoul R&B/Soul album in Argentina, Black Elektronika, more often than not, will deliver something a little left side of the ordinary.

It’s this ‘something’ that sets him apart from his contemporaries. But the beautiful thing is, it is always ‘something’ sophisticated and understated. Raw, rudimentary and bombastic are three words that don’t fit well with Black Elektronika’s technical expertise.

In an age where we digest music on a daily basis, and through many sources at a rapid rate to give us instant gratification, a track needs to hit you squarely between the eyes to make any lasting impact. And “No More Party” is designed to do just that.

Superbly put together and jammed full of atmosphere and a throbbing beat, instead of layers of trendy throwaway elements and gimmicky effects, “No More Party” is one house track that cannot be overlooked. Out on the Rebellious label, and currently rising up the Beatport charts, Black Elektronika has dished up a record that is more than worthy of a prime spot in your rack.


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