Marxadus: “Ruminate” makes some bold statements

Marxadus is a multi-genre music artist based in Ostrava, Czech Republic. A few months back he dropped the hip-hop and rap single “Ruminate”. “I take making music as a fun way to relax and express my thoughts on the music world and industry,” says Marxadus. “I try to make music that stands out and incorporates unorthodox combinations of sounds.” The power of dreams is quite amazing. Raw ambition can serve as the most impressive of driving forces, and when it becomes an all-encompassing desire to achieve – the results can often be more impressive than the results yielded at the end of the road.

Marxadus is a breath of fresh air in a redundant landscape dominated by one-trick ponies with auto-tuners. Marxadus is a real rapper that paints pictures and has amazing punch lines. He’s the last of a dying breed who can really flow and spit.

My guess is that English may not even be his mother tongue, and that makes this project even more amazing, because he has some stunning wordplay. He lays his lines down as if he is in a rap battle challenging himself. And he’s got plenty of beef with the industry and its players.

Check out an extract: “Are you angry? Motherfucker how you guessed, that’s right / everybody got their taste, man, I don’t wanna fight / but the mainstream is too mainstream, everything sounds the same / one cat gets a track out, another ten cats hop into the lane.” And it actually gets more scathing further up ahead: “Driving Lambos, Lacs and Chevys, man, who wouldn’t want this / “Who the fuck you gonna be?” I’m the mainstream boy / I got two houses on the shore and three off shore!”

A shift is coming to Hip-Hop where musicality is becoming a staple for the directions your favorite artists are headed, and I believe Marxadus has already come to understand that, especially with the creation of this track.

Having a string of club bangers will always be accepted, but to be able to go out and take the risk of creating outside of the club or radio’s comfort zone? That takes a lot of heart. And the experimental touch to the overall sound of “Ruminate” is what makes the project so interesting.

The excellent production does not overshadow the lyrics on this track, as Marxadus makes some bold statements all through the duration of the record. It’s apparent he had a lot to get off of his chest, and he’s sharper this time around with a good mixture of clever and fast flows. It’s so crazy how he’s low key and this damn good. Without a doubt, Marxadus is revitalizing the game on his own terms.


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