Trashionality: “Who Are My Enemies?”set to drop on the 30th of September!

Trashionality  is a socio-political, high intensity punk rock band from LaGrange GA, who began playing and performing in 2012 with original members Nik Marshall (drums), Jory Marshall (lead guitar/lead singer) and Mason Little (guitar). Bass player James Hunt joined the lineup in 2016. “We always stick to being punk rock at our core, whether it’s in our lyrics or the music,” says drummer Nick Marshall. “You may find that some songs are experimental, but the core is always about change and calling out bullshit.” After releasing an 8-track demo and a self-titled EP in 2013, the band eventually signed up with Kaizen Records in the Spring of 2017, and are currently getting ready to release their full debut album “Who Are My Enemies?”, on the 30th of September.

The young up-and-coming band that boasts a 33-track set list, has headlined shows at The Masquerade, Swayzee’s, The Red Room, Insomnia, and Festivals, including the Independent Rock Series Festival in LaGrange, the Bull Street Battle of the Bands, the Jingle Bell Rock & Metal festival, Beat Made Festival, and have placed in Masquerade’s Battle of the Bands, as well as being winners of the annual LaGrange Battle of the Bands.

From the opening track, and the album’s lead single “Reinvent”, it’s clear that the band’s anthemic, multi-core musicality stands in direct opposition to many of their peers, who favor the simple hard, loud and fast ethos over group dynamics and musical proficiency.

Trashionality, by contrast, come on musically tight, sonically adventurous, and curiously artsy, the band challenges punk’s rigid parameters, while still maintaining its core. So hard, fast and loud is not discarded, but integrated with excellent musicianship, as well as melodic and harmonic.

By the time you hit the third song, “Frantic”, you will already have established the importance of the guitars here, not just as a mean driving force, but in the tasteful riffs and harmonic interplay. All this of course, is supported by thumping basslines and banging drums with plenty of sonic dynamics and not deafening noise.

Trashionality’s music is not merely an auxiliary support for the band’s habit of socio-political commentary, instead it’s a powerful and primary tool used to sit your mind down in a chair, open your eyes, and provide a musical consistency that conveys their message of immediacy and concern with the world.

This is a band of dynamic performers as can be heard on “Bad Breath & Bloodshot Eyes”. Confirming that Trashionality is, first and foremost, a great rock ‘n’ roll band in the traditional sense, as much as a band as progressive thinking as this, can be deemed traditional, of course.

Trashionality have a very balanced sound rounded out by singer/guitarist Jory Marshall’s impacting stories which doesn’t just point fingers, but expects you to react. Throughout the recording of these tracks, it is evident that the creativity devoted to the vibration of each string or intensity of each beat is concentrated on blending the sound rather than having a single instrument stand out. The sheer talent of each musician is amplified as a result of this cohesiveness.

Developing such a focused sound isn’t particularly common in the punk-rock idiom, which is what sets this band apart, and is most evident on standout songs like “Abrakastabya”, “The Escape”, “Sell Me Your Soul” and “Where Did the Rebellion Go”.

It leaves a dramatic impression upon the listener, avoiding intermittent awkwardness that plagues sophisticated attempts at making musically superior punk albums while maintaining a striking core atmosphere. Trashionality’s lyrics, ethic, and musical talent create a force that tears through the veil of modern culture, allowing a brilliant light to emerge through mass ignorance.

You can link to IndieGoGo HERE and support the band by crowdfunding their album.


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