LELA: “Without You” flows with true flex and skill!

Singer-songwriter Lela Carmen, known by the stage name of LELA, officially started her musical career in 2015, releasing her first single “Soapte”, featuring the Romanian DJ/Producer, Vlad Milon. In 2016 successfully released “On Fire”. And has followed that up with the singles “Tu”, “Storm” and “Without You”. Electronic music has shown its emotional side in recent years, but rarely has the world seen a finesse as fine as what is occurring in 2017. Dance music has always been redundant, but the infectious rhythms coupled with the emotive songwriters of the new age of electronic music have expanded the genre’s palette.

Hip-hop is still about social struggles and life in an imperfect world, and that isn’t bound to change. Classical music is just ancient, but you can’t remove the very origin of music popularization, much less replace it. So what’s left is a set of combinations. This is why in the year 2017, we witness a very unique and important time in music where there is a coalition of styles and feelings towards all types of music, launching new sounds and artists never heard before.

BlueRoadmusic’s virtuosic production, mixed with LELA’s divine vocals, have created the epitome of this artistic fusion between Pop and EDM, and have released it in a brilliant single project called “Without You”. The lyrics, perfect voice and instrumentation is of another world. LELA has an incredible breathy, sexy voice that just excites the senses. The soundscape gets your rhythms flowing with true flex and skill, while the chemistry between the two gels perfectly.

The bottom line is this is a fantastic work of music. Perfectly combining elements of two genres, stylistically, and finessed with emotive lyrics. The production pulls all the stops and shows off the pure style of electronic dance music and an array of tasty instrumentation; a really commendable job which prompts a superior future on a global level.

LELA shines with her succulent vocals that quickly put her in the spotlight as a great singer-songwriter, not just as vocalist, as she also took acer of the lyrics. Together they form an alliance which is unstoppable, producing the ultimate feel-good groove, fit for the dance-floor, for the radio, in the car, or for anywhere really.

“Without You” is such a catchy listen mainly because of the intro and bridges, which is made of different pitched voices cut up to push the beat of the song. There are lots of echoes and effects which, in my opinion, gives the track a very relaxing feel. I love small things like that because it shows me that the artist and producer of this track paid attention to every moment of the song. The entire track just manipulates your senses in the most beautiful way!


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