Blu Collar Glomeration brings caustic lyrical determination and rock n’ roll!

The Blu Collar Glomeration not only plays rock n’ roll music but also investigates the issues we face in our adult world – racism, abuse, intolerance, and armed conflict to name just a few. They have their fingers upon the pulse of the nation and the throb of the world.” And if that sounds like a bloated or hyped statement, it’s not. On the contrary, it may even be an understatement. Since its inception rock has, as often as not, been a forum for political, social and cultural expression, and consciously satirically-inclined bands have always been around. Many rock bands use their music as a vehicle for spreading ideas and to motivate their audiences toward political, social and cultural change.

If you’ve recently opened a newspaper, turned on the TV or taken a look at any media, you’re already sick of all the politics flying around. Even so, there is one band you should know – The Blu Collar Glomeration. They won’t tell you who to vote for, but they will open your eyes, and they won’t give you a headache like the political commentary on your TV News program will – but they will blow your mind.

While the band’s political, social and cultural beliefs are easy to lay out, their sound is not. The Blu Collar Glomeration go here, there…and everywhere within the Americana roots and rock idiom – Blues, bluegrass, rock, country and funk holds no secret for these fellows.

Each Blu Collar Glomeration release brings the same old caustic lyrical determination but a whole new sound to sink your teeth into. It may take some work to wrap your head around, but then Blu Collar Glomeration have all the time in the world as they’re not chasing overnight success with cute and coy radio ready nursery rhymes. They here to shake your foundations with the world’s crude and crass realities that you’re doing everything in your power to overlook.

Discover their treatment of the ‘Nigga’ word and all of its contrasting connotations in the pungent and ominously dark (no pun intended!) track “Strange Fruit”. You may agree or beg to differ, but it’s hard to ignore the word’s implications depending from which mouth it’s delivered.

If you’re too soft inside for lyrical hardware, then savor the boogie-woogie instrumental “Flight Of the Stratocaster”, which if you’re into guitar dominated tracks, is pretty self-explanatory. Clean, crisp and groovy, the track is just cool and smooth enough pick up your spirits after the heavy-handed “Strange Fruits” has slapped you through the face.

Blu Collar Glomeration also makes a point of avoiding mainstream media and major record labels. However, they have made quite a few videos, which you can view on their YouTube channel. Nobody is safe from Blu Collar Glomeration’s sarcasm, as the band continues to target political, social and cultural based issues which gets their goat!


2 thoughts on “Blu Collar Glomeration brings caustic lyrical determination and rock n’ roll!

  1. THANK YOU, Connie Brown! Nobody is safe from Blu Collar Glomeration’s sarcasm, as the band continues to target political, social and culturally based issues!

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