GotaFlika: “Modern Girl”- shines a very unique sentiment and mood

Currently resident in Moonpark, CA and serving in the U.S. Navy, Samuel Wellington Asamoah Kofi aka GotaFlika was born in Ghana with a dream to become a world-renowned artist.  From childhood, he was influenced by all genres of music, and is particularly attracted to successes of artists like Sean Paul, Shaggy, Alpha Blonde, Tupac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., and the late Lucky Dube. An aviation structure mechanic by trade, GotaFlika found the time in 2015, to compete in the Music Sports League (MSL), his first professional performance in front of a panel of judges. After surprising everyone with his ‘explosive, gritty and unique style’, GotaFlika captured the attention of TWT Entertainment’s Ted Smith, and was subsequently introduced to Def Jam’s Wise McGriff, who would become his consultant.

GotaFlika has now released his latest single, “Modern Girl”. Since the seismic shifts of the 80s, reggae and dancehall have coexisted – with many artists making both. Few however straddle them with such comfort as GotaFlika.

Blessed with a striking voice that combines reggae’s broken tone, the dancehall stone grain, and vulnerable pop yearnings, he dwells at all points on the reggae to dancehall to pop spectrum. His typically professional new effort, “Modern Girl” puts its pop foot forward but mutates into GotaFlika’s familiar fusions all throughout.

The track seems to maintain both a computer enhanced, yet live instrument based sound: rare when budgetary pressures cause most projects to compromise by adding hits from diverse sources or spoil the flow with an incongruously cheap sounding rhythm.

GotaFlika’s business-like approach is something that can be admired in all of his audiovisual endeavors. The production on this latest track, is clean, bright and comes across as  perfectly produced for most ears.

With many bona fide tracks under his belt GotaFlika seems to be aiming for a policy of quality control that is uncommon in this genre, as he dots the i’s and crosses the t’s on “Modern Girl”. The track symbolizes the artist’s growth as he works his way towards his artistic dream.

There is no becoming weary of listening to this track, as it is relatable and an ode to the ladies – filled with authentic humanity. The result is a fresh, delightful mixture that kicks off with the positivity and optimism bursting at the seams. Considering the current trend of overblown misogyny, GotaFlika sets the record straight with a song that shines a very unique sentiment and mood.


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