Jarado Savage: “Recoil”- A conscious sense of self-importance!

Born and raised in Philly, Jarado Savage (Juh-Rah-Dough) has been making music since 2012, and has been creating his own beats for 3 years now. His latest project is the 12 track album, “Recoil”. A conscious sense of self-importance is key for rappers who are attempting to stamp their place in the scene. Kendrick Lamar displayed this a few years back on ‘Control’ with a verse that sent shockwaves through hip-hop as he declared, “I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you niggas.” Of course, he had the respect of the entire community and a towering body of work to support his claim. But what happens when a rapper without the esteemed back-catalog attempts show this same sense of self-importance?

Enter Jarado Savage, whose approach is different to Kendrick’s, and certainly not confrontational: “Don’t think I sound like anyone ever before me. I don’t bullshit. Just tryna be great and give chances to others.” But he too is not afraid in attempting to assert supremacy in the genre.

Savage has visibly immersed himself throughout this album, creating music to the barrage of tracks where he smoothly spits over his self-produced beats with an acute awareness of how to alter his flow at every miniscule shift in the music. His confidence permeates through the speakers, while he displays a sense of independent authority that can be felt through an interrogative tone that finds him at his best.

This album is filled with serious, fun, and some very interesting songs. Jarado Savage holds absolutely nothing back on “Recoil”, and that’s what makes this album such a great listen. The flow, the lyrics, the overall feel of this album is fantastic and out shines most underground alternative rappers out there today. Apart from his off-hand and eclectic flow, what really impresses are the left field beats. These are unlike what you’ll hear on most regular hip-hop releases nowadays.

In terms of production, Savage’s talent behind the boards cannot go unnoticed as it matches his potent storytelling lyrics. His ability to capture a sound and use it to support his unique and often bizzare flows gives him a distinct leg up on all emcees.

While dual threat rapper/producers are steadily growing in the genre, hardly any of those succeed in matching the very essence of every word they utter like Savage does. There’s really not much to dislike about “Recoil”, even if you’re not a fan of alternative rap. Savage holds true to his word and keeps the sounds fresh and utilizes them when fit.

His work on “Recoil” is diverse enough and up to par enough with such tracks as, “Interview”, “For Parties”, “Good Tips”, “What’s Going on? Are You Ok?”, “Sorry” and “Lately”, to avoid pegging Savage a one trick pony.

All in all, this album amounts to a critically needed breath of fresh air into the Asthmatic lungs of modern day hip hop. Give “Recoil” a listen and I’m sure you will be hooked. Big things are going to happen for Jarado Savage, the only question is, when?


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