Paradame: “Wave” gets by on brilliant universal quality!

Don’t be fooled by Paradame’s sexy demeanor. The lady is on fire, both artistically and lyrically.  Since breaking into the Seattle music scene in 2009, she has performed over 250 live shows, gained a loyal fan base, released 2 solo LPs – “Ion Cannon” (2011) & “Rebel’s Advocate” (2014) – and has featured as a guest artist on over 20 hip hop albums. On her latest track, “Wave” she may have managed to find a sweet spot that indicates the potential for more longevity than any of her previous work. The song gets by on brilliant universal quality, but there’s a personal touch you don’t find on everyday pop songs anymore.

Pop is stuffed with chimeric female rebels, often marketing-led creations seeking to exploit some imagined patch of listenership by masquerading as creatively talented geniuses. Only to be unmasked as flawed and gutless puppets on a producer’s string.

If you’re looking for a female artist to stake your hopes on in 2017, you could do a lot worse than Paradame: A brave, ambitious artist who raps skillfully, sings melodically, and believes fiercely in herself, turning her every attribute into a creative missile ready to blast listeners into submission.

Working hand in hand with her producer husband J.Lee Mezus, the two deliver a song, and supporting video, that is a solid statement of intent. Musically and conceptually, “Wave” is a big step forward from the relatively monochromatic sounds to be heard on the Top 40 charts currently.

Opening with a rapped verse, Paradame has developed an ability to encapsulate very relatable moments in a few poetic words. Showing her growth, the track incorporates dark synth-based Pop that is truly multi-dimensional.

In fact, it displays a new concept or emotion that peels back each layer of humanity and internal reflection within the Paradame universe as she flows and sings her way through the verses and choruses.

“Wave” serves the dual purpose of bringing Paradame to a wider crossover audience while still allowing her to follow her own star. An overwhelming majority of Pop stars today have a clear cut path to make their way to the top – one that is paved with formulas and algorithms, sprinkled with scores of label staff to ensure a predetermined rise to the corporate top.

Then there is Paradame, her small efficient record label, Audodose, and her husband J.Lee Mezus – together they have every hope of allowing Paradame to rise to the top in her own unique way.


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