Omar Bowing: “Restrained” is filtered through the band’s unique GuitarViol blueprint

If there is one characteristic that fits every classic recording, regardless of genre, it is the effortlessness of it all. Listening to a classic record feels like watching something just fall into place. “Restrained” by Omar Bowing takes the infectiously captivating formula of his previous alternative rock work and fuses it with progressive metal elements, all played on his Guitarviol, and without any conventional guitars –  the results are truly impressive. The track establishes a firm direction; one that is equal parts alternative, metal, progressive, and catchy. “Restrained, talks about decisions and consequences,” says Bowing. “We get restrained somewhere by our decisions, for good things or for bad ones, regardless of action or passiveness. I got inspired for this theme by George Boole work who represented human behavior with mathematical equations.”

While there are definitely riffy moments on the track, “Restrained”, which is rapped, sung and growled,  is much more than that one quality thanks to some of the most solid songwriting of Bowing’s career. There’s poetic lyrics, ominous choruses, power riffs, grasping emotions, and the band brings more exciting time signatures into their material.

Despite its direct approach and subtly astute difference from some of Omar Bowing’s previous releases, “Restrained” is structured from its first few notes and maintained all-throughout with whirling drum fills, striking Guitarviol waves, and the wailing of discovery. Their edge is as strong as ever, as Bowing’s music reflects a sense of emotional altruism that is unheard of in the alternative and metal genres.

If you are familiar with the band, then you are probably aware that Omar Bowing creates lines and progressions that are impossible to decipher, and stretches the atmosphere of the band’s sound. Instead of simply domineering the music though, his presence on “Restrained” is beautifully connected with the rest of the elements.

His prowess is controlled, yet highly effective and matches a perfect resonance alongside the drums and vocals. In essence, Bowing has reached beyond his goals on this recording, placing his strongest cathartic pulse ever, via the GuitarViol, into the mix.

Every Omar Bowing release seems like the band picks a specific theme and sound, and then filters the song through its unique GuitarViol blueprint. This results in some great original releases.

“Restrained” rocks with the sound of that blueprinted machine in motion, grinding at every move and spiraling with Bowing’s impressive playing skills to a full steam operation. The song presents the intriguing psychologies of Omar Bowing’s meandering mind, something this band has always been good at re-creating in every song.


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