Dobie: “The Moment (Techno Remix)” – lean, crisp and effective!

Dobie is a master of his domain. His rhythm and mood pieces are sketched out with a consistent set of tools: exciting melodic incantations, crystalline synths, waves of pumping drums, commanding basslines and volumes of reverb and echo. I believe Dobie’s latest release, “The Moment (Techno Remix)” skips past all of his melodic trance triumphs, and demonstrates a man who knows what he is doing. Here he draws on the full spectrum of techno. It is no easy feat, touching on inspirations from the early days, but with a focus to the future, to bring a very contemporary, relevant, forward thinking techno track to the table.

The quality of production on this track is second to none. Dobie, as always, is a maestro, and I am not quite sure if too many have come close to what he has delivered here. I love the undulating, revolving bassline that goes round and round, almost liquid in essence.

I appreciate the effective escalation of energy, it enhances the enigmatic vibe of the project, really making you feel as a participant in this mysterious journey. This song has a slightly dark tone, with its rhythm and the mildly stabbing synths biting at you.

Matching finesse to the fine motor skills of a veteran, Dobie makes it possible to straddle a number of dimensions at once, like a Time-Lord at 128bpm: “Love, passion, sex, lies – The moment. Money, silence, escape, death – The moment.” Much like a quiet acquaintance who finally opens up, the spoken word interplay pulls the listener deeper into the dialog.

At its core, “The Moment (Techno Remix)” has a never-ceasing and upbeat rhythm, the sort of thing that would keep your feet moving for hours in any club or which could be mixed into almost any DJ set. The music is lean, crisp and effective in a mix.

MORE ABOUT: Vjeran – VJ aka Dobie was born in Zagreb, Croatia to a musical family (his uncle professor of music, and his grandmother apianist). He attended private piano lessons, grew up on electronic music form Kraftwerk, Jean Michael Jarre, and later on Pet Shop Boys, and Depeche Mode. Dobie works in the IT industry but music and production is his passion. His latest projects include My Everything, Bambola, The Moment, Ballade Pour, Lean On Me – Heart Shaped Eyes (UK) Dobie Remix, Party Up – Spell Code, and You Are My Life. Dobie is also the recipient of the Unsigned Only 2017 award in the EDM category, as composer and producer, for his song “My Everything”.


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