DJ NoMis blows the ceiling off with “On Track”!

During summer DJ NoMis came crashing through with the track “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie), that photographed the essence and feel of it all. It was a crossover Pop/EDM cut which forged the ever-popular, anthemic female-sung chorus. This time around, the writer and producer with his own production company comes flying out of the box with his latest Rap/EDM single that has an emo twist – “On Track”. DJ NoMis is a new self-taught figure within the current generational outcrop of street-smart, media-literate agents of the newer pop, urban and dance culture. Doubling down on his chops and trademarks, DJ NoMis’ latest project operates as a challenge to the dick-riders, to the haters, and to the great imitators.

Unlike other nominal producers, DJ NoMis’ releases function less as object curation and more as showcase of subject — that is, DJ NoMis and his talent. It is never mistakable who moves and who shakes here; often guests are along for the ride. And it is a thoroughly enjoyable one for the listener: at times unexpectedly. DJ NoMis is a wide-eyed producer, an artist who I fully admit I wasn’t even aware of prior to his summer release.

In a year defined by compulsive, preemptive narrative-making, the cuckolding of a dangerous narcissistic impulse, and an exhausting discourse of failing struggles, “On Track” is a welcome invitation to lyrical simplicity, to push on and beat the struggle, all with an impression of narcotic pleasure. The gritty, prodigious producer has blown the ceiling off his style with this single which will feature on his soon to be released EP entitled “Back To You”.

DJ NoMis’ detractors will say his beats are all over the place and derivative, as he includes mighty wide variety of influences in his music.  None of that holds up to close scrutiny, however.  Spend a little time with his tracks and it becomes clear that these are shape-shifting melodies, meticulously groomed.

As for the subject matter, DJ NoMis seems to be playfully and purposefully thumbing the eye of every tired trope in urban and dance music. Moreover he is doing more here “On Track” than the same old crap everyone else is doing, as he mixes in an anthemic emo-type chorus.

While there lyrical tensions exist in the music, it’s also true that ass shaking and fun are the primary goal. The last thing DJ NoMis seems willing to do is bum anybody out. DJ NoMis executes two necessary tasks for a project of this ilk. One, he understands his bread and butter and comfortably rides in cruise control in his lane. Secondly, he allows both the beat and the verses to do the heavy lifting.



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