Malinsky: “Tonight” solidifies his place as one of pop’s up-and-coming artists

Aspiring young Polish pop star Malinsky, has released his brand new single, “Tonight”. A mid-tempo romantic anthem which tells the story of a love triangle that manages to untwist itself into a happy ending.  Produced by Michał Kacprzak with lyrics by Malinsky – the song was recorded both in English and Polish. Furthermore, the video-clip shot in Poland by 9liter Film, stars the popular YouTuber, Alexxis Ola. Malinsky’s previous song “Falling Down”, released through the Italian label Maqueta Records, garnered over one million views on YouTube and was also a candidate in Poland’s 2017 European Song Contest selections. Hence great things are expected from “Tonight”.

The music business has seen too much of the Bieber-type teen clones. Malinsky may have those charming looks, and his own little army of fans, but is he really like the rest of these guys bombarding the industry? He actually is not, as Malinsky opts for more of a down home, intimate flavor, melding acoustic and electronic sounds on “Tonight”, which is both refreshing and enjoyable, as well as being rather distinctive.

It’s clear that Malinsky cares about being a role model and being respectful which is refreshing from a young person, as the song’s storyline carries positive outlook completely unlike the young Hollywood stereotype.

The lyrics are actually thoughtful, giving the track a resonating boost, while still incorporating the romantic girl talk that have been the headliner of many pop male artists. What makes Malinsky distinguish himself from those that are just trendy social media sensations, to being a legitimate artist in his field is his musical style which sets him apart from the rest of his field.

Malinsky has an atmospheric tone and rustic premise locked into his otherwise magnificent production. Added to that is his vocals which seem to feature a vulnerable component where Malinsky opens himself up to the listener, putting all his emotions on the table.

What Malinsky delivers in “Tonight” continues to solidify his place as one of pop’s up-and-coming artists. His vocal ability also allows him to connect with listeners. It’s like he’s singing directly to you. Combine both, and you got yourself a young aspiring European star who, with his wits and charm is out to delight fans and concert-goers alike in the months and years to come.

Malinsky might have just given the always-criticized pop genre a reason to breathe easier at night. Overall, “Tonight” proves that Malinsky is extremely talented. With positive content, incredible production, and a soulful melody, it’s clear that this track exceeds expectations and is arguably one of the better pop singles of 2017.

The Malinsky Story So Far: Since a very young age, Malinsky (Marcin Malinski) showed artistic inclinations towards music and acting. At the age of fourteen he started playing the piano and the electronic keyboards, and over time began to compose music. In 2010 he attended the school of singing at the House of Culture in Lodz (Łódzki Dom Kultury) where he was noted for his natural aptitude for lyrical singing which however was distant from his natural temperament. Marcin therefore began to define his own artistic style and decided to adopt the artistic Venya, by assonance with the Spanish word “vesania” that indicates the folly in creative direction. The first singles published by Marcin ‘Uwolnij Sen’ and ‘Obsesja made him very popular on the Internet where he, in short time, exceeded a million views, and pushing him onto the radio and TV, as well as to perform live in the most important cities of his country. In 2016 Marcin decided to renew his image as Malinsky and broadening his horizons in Europe and beyond with the English versions of his newly composed songs, released by Maqueta Records. He was a candidate in Poland selections for the European Song Contest in 2017 with “Falling Down” and plans to submit a new song in 2018.


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