Skaa: “Escape” – wholly effortless rapping!

Skaa is a hip hop artist based in Boston, who has just released his single “Escape”. His lyrics are a major asset to the record. Befitting perfectly to the jazzy loops and mellow atmospheres, Skaa mostly possesses a carefree atmosphere around the mic. He switches his flows around, from mellow, free flowing storytelling, to internal rhyming, syllable packing, and lyrical swipes. Skaa’s universally easy tone makes his words ooze from his lips to perfection.

The other part of “Escape’s” charm is Skaa’s wholly effortless rapping, even when lyrically he’s trying to pull syllables out of his ass. It’s all smooth classic rap, smooth keyboard samples abound, subtly cracking snares, a thumping bass drum, and a microphone for the emcee to rip. The simplicity of this record, and how everything fuses together, is how “Escape” impresses. Skaa is smooth. There is no other way to describe his style.

He has a legendary free-styling kind of ability, which makes his lyrics quite an interesting read. Skaa’s vocal style is very laid back, but never lazy. It seems like he drops every line of the top of his head at random, but he has the kind of voice that you just want to rally around and cheer on.

What I mean to say is that Skaa is a much more powerful speaker than those in your face swaggering gangster types. And it doesn’t matter whether he is rapping like a reckless street urchin or reminiscing in an introspective personal style. He is incredibly versatile.

“Escape” is a gem if modern rap has ever seen one. Skaa focus is so great on this song it is hard to describe. The single at once harks back to the early freestyles that caught people’s ears, while also pointing to the more refined productions they hear and revere today.

It’s something that previously has bound the success of big name rappers. And it’s this ability to balance underground styling with genuine big label chops – and, crucially, to do so on his own terms – that stands him in such uniquely strong stead. “Escape” is a key example of this, and a track that could easily go stratospheric if it goes viral.

Each new verse, bridge or chorus brings its own earworm idiosyncrasies and dialectical ditties. The kind of light touch that will have hip hop heads lending a captivated ear. Considering the new breed of ‘mumble rappers’ and the backlash against it from the old school elite, it is incredibly refreshing to hear a track that makes you stop, listen and think. And if you catch the visual, that will have you looking too! Quality is the order of the day for Skaa.


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