Indie Dance Label Audio arc Records is on the rise!

Running a record label is easy. The day-to-day process, at least. Anyone can do that bit. Running a good label? That’s a whole different ball game. Think for a moment about your own favorite imprints and what characterizes them. Chances are it will be far more than just the music, because there are many labels that release great music, but that doesn’t necessarily make them great labels. The true standouts are those that make your heart beat when you see their logo popping out at you – those that guarantee quality and a clearly defined aesthetic; those whose way of doing things you admire; labels whose entire ethos you subscribe to.

With more new record labels being launched than ever before, standing out from the crowd is crucial to success. But if great music doesn’t necessarily make a great label, what other factors determine the success or failure of an imprint? Great record labels aren’t just about delivering music to people – if all you care about is letting people hear your music, get a Soundcloud  or Beatport account.

Record labels are about identities and communities and, in some cases, whole lifestyles. The labels to which we submit and subscribe are those we consciously or sub-consciously allow to define our own identities; they’re extensions of our personalities, signifiers of our self.

On such up and coming independent label is Audio arc Records, established in 2017 by Kalypto who is a highly skilled producer from Israel. The imprint strives to deliver EDM tracks meant to move the dance floor. They focus on many electronic styles, including electro house, future bass, complextro, dubstep, progressive house, progressive, psytrance, uplifting trance, bigroom, hardstyle and many more.

Independent labels have been making an impact for decades, but the importance of their work is more evident than ever. While radio and television—promotional media lanes traditionally reserved for major label clients—were once the dominant means of breaking artists, the Internet now plays a large role in bringing music to the forefront, and independent labels have a platform to compete on a large scale.

Kalypto and Audio arc Records have been figuring out processes and plans for both recording and marketing music. They firmly believe they have a winning formula for creating consumer demand and then satisfying that demand. The record label has an extended reach with placings in all major digital download stores.

Wholly ambitious, Audio arc Records are looking towards being a major force in the EDM industry, and as such are engaging talented artists and producers with quality original music and all-round high creative standards.

Already making waves on the label, are artists such as Visor, JO3Y Q, Tianci, Nordex, and of course Kalypto himself. Audio arc Records is an indie label everyone should have their eyes on because they’re steadily building a reputation of being the coolest crew in the room by demonstrating undeniable good taste, and a growing catalog of electronic dance hits.

Link up with Audio arc Records on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Listen to some of their tracks SOUDCLOUD or check out the videos on YOUTUBE. You can also send demos of your best music to

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